Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAAACKKKKK!!! HaHa! Haven't posted in a while. Our computer bit the dust...I procrastinated on taking it to Best Buy because I HATE doing things like that...then he tells me it's going to cost a minimum of $200 to "maybe" fix then we FINALLY bought us a new computer that I love!!! So this will be one "lump" of activities blog.

So Christmas just past. I like Christmas but this year it kind of annoyed me. I think the idea of everyone running around frantically to buy gifts is quite ridiculous and ANNOYING!!! I feel like the actual meaning of CHRISTmas gets looked over more and more each year. Don't get me wrong, I feel like children should receive gifts, but the way some people act is down right obnoxious!!! No, my family is NOT like this!! I think I start getting annoyed before Thanksgiving when it seems like everyone is just ready to "get through" Thanksgiving so we can rush right into Black Friday and Christmas. Can we please give Thanks FIRST because after all, we do have so much to be thankful for!!!

Morgan and I didn't decorate this year. Morgan has been working on one of our other bedrooms so all of that furniture is out in the living room. I was kind of bummed at first at the thought of not putting a Christmas Tree up, but then I quickly got over it. I love the idea of a Christmas Tree, but HATE the idea of putting it up...opening all those limbs is a whippin'!! Plus, we had nothing to take down either now that it's all over. YAY! But, I am sure we will decorate next year. I wasn't ever really in the "Christmas Spirit" this year and I am pretty sure that had to do with the absence of our tree. :(

This pic below explains pretty much how I have felt this whole year...apparently the year of 2009...calories didn't count. HAHA! BUT, I renewed my gym membership and will be "up in the gym just workin' on my fitness," to quote Fergie (she's a singer to all those who don't know.)

I got to see my sweet cousin, Theresa, and her husband! I loooooove her so much. Pop, I put this pic in for you!! :) LOVE you POP!!
We went dancing this month with two of my friends. We had so much fun!! Here's Morgan and I before we went. This was actually the picture we used on our Christmas Card since this was the only decent picture I could come up with on such short notice. No, Morgan's not winking at the camera. No, he's NOT drunk!! These were people's responses (mainly family) when they saw this pic. My camera has a double flash and that first flash gets his eyes practically every time. sigh!!

This picture cracks me up! This was the first of the night so the answer would be NO, we were not drunk...just goofy!!

Morgan did awesome at riding the well as Lydia.

I, on the other hand, look a little terrified!! I wasn't, but this pic is funny to me. And why am I not holding on with my LEFT hand? I'm left handed!! That just goes to show that when I watch Bull Riding with Morgan they all have their left hands in the air, so that's what I did naturally. Oh, the life of a left handed girl. I probably would've lasted a little longer if I was holding on with my stronger hand.

Leigh Taylor (LT) and Me! No clue what we are laughing at!

Lydia and I ALWAYS have fun together!!

Then we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!! This pic isn't very good but it's the only one I have on my computer. His aunt got a really cute one of us in the snow. I was thankful Christmas Eve that my in laws only live 2 minutes down the road since country roads always seem to be worse than city roads.
Yesterday Lydia and I went to see IT'S COMPLICATED! Let me back up....can I just say that yesterday was one of the most perfect days in my life!! It was so simple, yet so perfect!!! I went to Fort Worth to get my hair done...trimmed and colored. Nothing spectacular. But those hair days I love because you feel so refreshed. Then I met Lydia at 4pm to see IT'S COMPLICATED. When we got there it was snowing sooooooo much!! I can't remember seeing that much snow fall at one time in my life!! It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Then we met up with some of our other friends for dinner. The roads weren't bad at all and it was white EVERY WHERE!! Then I came home to my sweet husband. It was just one of those days I wish I could do again and again and again!!'s a picture of Lydia and Me...

In this picture below I am sandwiched between two of my favorite people in this whole wide world!!! LOVE these girls whole hearted!! Lydia, Me, & Jill

It's weird for me to think back about how 2 years ago I didn't even know these girls existed. Now they are some of my favorite people! It's amazing how God works. It's amazing to look back on that day when we (pedi nurses in Arlington) got the news that our unit was closing. I was so upset!! But now I work at this fantastic hospital with these girls and I couldn't be happier. Thank you God for taking such great care of me and placing me right where I am!!!

I stole Courtney's cute hat for the picture below. It looked super cute on her, a little "gangsterish" on me!! HAHA!!

Well that's it folks! I'm sure a lot more happened, but can't remember right this second. Hopefully the next time I post pics I will not look quite so "healthy!!" hehe!! All in all, I am so thankful for so much in my life!! 2009 was a GREAT year and I can't wait to see what 2010 brings for us!!! Hope you all have a safe New Year's Eve!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Have you seen this face before?

Can I just say, I would be a rich woman if I had $1 for EVERY TIME someone says to me, "How do I know you?" or "Are you 'so and so's' cousin?" or "Did you ever work at ___?" or I get this one a lot when a family member says to another, "Doesn't she remind you so much of ..." It's crazy how often people think I am someone else. I would say at work it happens at least once a week, sometimes more. Like yesterday at work, I walked into one of my patient's room and she said, "Do I know you? I know you from some where!" So I started the usual list I give everyone that always says this to me and nope, we have no connection. I must say though, when I walked in her room yesterday morning, I actually thought SHE looked familiar to me, but didn't say anything. The other day I was at Old Navy and the salesman kept looking at me. A little too much that it was creepy. Finally he asked, "Are you Samantha's sister?" Nope, I am not. Don't even know a Samantha. I just think it's kind of funny. I'd love to see all of these people that others tend to think I either am, look like, or remind them of. Guess I just have one of those faces!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Super Cute Chicks

Aren't these just the cutest little fur balls you have ever seen? My sister in law and nephew, along with some other kids, are raising these little chickens for a school project. Morgan and I went over there last night and they are so entertaining. We could have watched them all night. There are 25 of them. My sister in law picked one up for me to hold and it was so sweet. Matt told me to watch one of the ones that was in the center sitting under the light. It was rocking back in forth. Matt said this is what they do when they are falling asleep. Well the little fur ball got to rocking so much that it fell over forward and rolled. It was HILARIOUS!!! Anyway, just another new experience for me living out here in the country. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

3 Things You Should Know...

Do you love chocolate? Do you love Godiva chocolate? Well it's your lucky day!!! All you have to do is stop by a Godiva store, become part of their email list, and you will receive a free chocolate truffle of your choice once a month. I have always loved the Strawberry Cheesecake Truffle. I was on a girls shopping trip this past summer and one of our friends opened our eyes to this new found knowledge of free chocolate. So now every month I make a little stop into Godiva for my free truffle...and usually that free one turns into me buying another truffle. I can't resist. They are so yummy!!!
Are you single? Are you trying to attract men? Or are you a man looking for that perfect gift for the woman in your life? I suggest you buy Viva La Juicy perfume. My cousin, Brooke, had this perfume on last year at a little game night we had. I fell in love with it. I immediately went out the next day to buy me some and had difficulty finding it due to it being new...and popular. I finally found this perfume and have been wearing it ever since. This is the first perfume that I have used all of it and today I went out shopping to buy some more. The sales lady in the perfume section was new, it was her second day on the job. So she had never smelled this perfume before. I sprayed some on my arm and she asked if she could smell it. It was hilarious!! She kept grabbing my arm and smelling me over and over. She then later apologized at the register and she said she was going to have to buy some herself. I always get compliments on this perfume from family, friends, my patients to complete strangers. So thanks, Brooke!!! xoxoxo

Do you have a heavy foot? Do you like to go "a little" over the speed limit? Well if you are like me, the answer is "Yes!" My mom told me a little story about something she had heard. Rebecca on 96.3 was late to work one morning. The officer pulled her over and thankfully she had remembered what someone had told her. If you turn the dome light on in your car and put your hands on the steering wheel (this applies to night time) you are showing the officer that you are not a threat and most likely you will not get a ticket. Well, this worked for me last night...with a state trooper!!! Not sure if he felt bad for me when I told him that I was about to buy a new windshield (explaining why one of my stickers was not on my window, but was in the glove box) and spared me the extra cost of a ticket. Or, if he was happy that I performed this little act. Who knows!!! But I suggest you do it, the officer will appreciate it and hopefully you won't get a ticket!!!!

Wedding Dresses for a Greater Cause!!!!

A few weeks ago I was required by work to go to a class that talks about the death of a baby. It was to educate us on how to assist couples who are dealing with the loss of their infants. I was dreading going to this class. I really didn't see the reason why we (as in post partum) had to go because we don't get these types of patients on our floor. It would be really cruel to send them to a post partum floor where they would see mothers pushing their infants in the hall or hear a baby crying as it is wheeled past her door. These patients typically stay in L&D or go to the antipartum floor. But, just in case we ever do get these patients for whatever reason, we were required to go.

One thing that was discussed in this class was I'm going to quote the website, "It is very difficult to shop for a baby burial garment when a baby dies. For premature babies, it is often difficult to find something small enough. The baby burial gowns and blankets are given to Neonatal Intensive Care Units for babies who die in the neonatal period. They are also given to labor and delivery units for stillbirths." What they do is collect wedding dresses and then make little garments for these precious babies. We each got to see first hand these BEAUTIFUL dresses made from wedding gowns for these precious little infants. I believe they make little tops for the boys as well. I didn't even know something like this existed. What a gift to the parents in their time of great sorrow to see that their little angel from above is dressed in such a beautiful piece of clothing. I was in awe that someone thought to do this for these babies and for their parents.

Our hospital is working on having a "dress" drive for this project. I really want to donate my wedding dress. I don't ever plan on wearing it again. To be honest, I am not that sentimental of a person so why do I need to hang on to it when it can go to a greater cause?!? I haven't even seen my dress since the day I got married. I believe it's still at my parents house. I looooved my wedding dress!! It was my favorite thing about our wedding. I can just see it being used for something greater and what beautiful little dresses it will make for some sweet babies. I hope you understand, Mom. I know you will. :) If anyone is interested in donating a wedding dress, please let me know.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Let me start by saying that I am NOT under the influence of anything. I have only had mango passion fruit tea for dinner. By the time you read this blog, you might think differently.

Tonight Morgan and I were going to eat at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. When we pulled into the parking lot we parked closer to PF Chang's and could tell that The Cheesecake Factory was kind of busy, even though it was only 5:40 pm. We haven't been to PF Chang's in a while and I know how much Morgan loves that place so I asked him if he'd rather go there instead. He said, "Yes." I was kind of sad because I was looking forward to a Chicken Salad Sandwich from The Cheesecake Factory, but I know that we seem to always go where I want to eat so I didn't say anything. When we were seated at dinner there wasn't hardly anyone sitting around us. We preferred a booth, but they were full so we settled in at a table. I believe if we had been seated at a booth, the night would have been different. Sitting at a table you're surrounded by a lot more people, hence the reason why we prefer a booth. As we were eating the restaurant got busier. It quickly seemed to be that we were sitting in the "kids section." We were surrounded by families and their kids. I didn't say anything. I guess I was thinking to myself, "If I don't acknowledge this situation out loud, then it doesn't really exist." Morgan and I had a nice dinner, talking about our first date, what made me know that he was the one, etc. Then he said, "Notice all the kids and families surrounding us? Maybe it's a sign." He then winked at me. Morgan NEVER notices anything like this. Dang it, he said it. He acknowledged it which meant it was real. My response was, "Yes, I noticed. I feel like God is torturing me. Like He's saying 'Look at all these wonderful kids, but you can't have any.' " Yes, as soon as I said it I knew I didn't mean it and I know God isn't like that. Morgan didn't really have much to say to my response. He was probably shocked I would say something like I was kind of surprised at myself, too. Not long after that it was time to open our fortune cookies. Inside I was feeling sad as I was looking at all of the sweet kids seated around us. I said, "What's the point. They don't come true anyway." (You must know, I am not typically negative like this. Just one of those nights.) Morgan opens his fortune cookie first and as he was taking it out of the plastic he said, "Watch it be something about kids." I kind of laughed and said, "That would be funny!" This was his fortune cookie...

It said, "Children." He showed it to me and I ripped it from his hand in disbelief...that's why it's torn. I busted out laughing!!! So much so that those sitting around us turned to look at me. My eyes instantly began to water. Not sure if they were tears of joy, frustration, anger, or amusement. I was laughing so hard!!! I believe that God talks to us if we only listen. I believe that he shows us "signs" throughout our life that He is there for us and is listening to our prayers. I decided in the end to take this fortune as a sign from God that we will some day be one of those couples out to eat surrounded by our little munchkins. I know some of y'all might think I am crazy, but its what gets me through this crazy thing called LIFE!!!

Now onto our sweet Layla Bayla...

I had several people respond to my blog about Layla's new bed that they were worried about it getting wet when it rained since our porch isn't covered. We have been bringing it in when the weather was bad and it always made me feel bad to do this to her. We would have to make Layla get out of her bed and bring it inside. I couldn't do it, I made Morgan do it. So a couple of weeks ago I was on a mission to buy Layla something we could put the bed in to keep it covered. We went to Pets Mart and everything was well over $100. I love her, but I wasn't going to pay that much. Then on the way home Morgan had an idea to try out Tractor Supply. This is what we ended up with...

Do you realize what this is? It's a cat litter box. HAHA! It's the only thing we could find. Poor thing, she has no idea that her bed is what every other cat considers as a "poop box." It works for her. Once again, Morgan said, "She won't get in it." WRONG BUDDY! She got in it and sleeps in it every night. Then I bought this baby girl blanket for her. I wanted something for her to wrap up in when she's in there. Morgan said, "You baby that cat!" Yep, I sure do!!!
While we were at Pets Mart the SPCA had some animals there to buy. Big mistake for me to go look at them. HUGE!!! If it wasn't for Morgan supervising me, I would have walked away with this little playmate for Lillie Bear...
She's soooooo sweet! All the other dogs were barking and she was standing there so sweet. She had been turned in 3 days earlier by her owner because they had too many dogs. As we were walking through Pets Mart I was begging Morgan to get her. I sent this picture to my friend Lydia because she has been looking for puppy dogs for her son. She told me to tell Morgan, "Tell him that you will be saving a life. You are a life saver!!!!" Morgan wasn't falling for it. He said if we didn't have this little puppy dog...

that has quite a few medical bills, we could get her. That dang Lillie Bear!!!! :) Oh well...

Meet Our Children

There is a website called You upload your pictures and it will tell you what your children will look like. No, I don't really think this is what our kiddos will look like, but it was fun to play with. So meet our children...

The picture below is of our sweet Garrett Dyer. Isn't he so cute? Honestly though, I would never stick our child in a bunny suit. This reminds me of one of my favorite movies A Christmas Story where the oldest boy had to try on the bunny suit that someone made for him. Yes, if we have a boy, Garrett is what we will name him. Garrett is after my dad "Gary" and Dyer is Morgan's middle name. We've kind of been told that if we have a boy that will be his middle name. Thankfully, I like it. :)

Now it's time to meet our girl, Natalie. Isn't she so cute? Poor thing, she's kind of got the big forehead going on like her mama. haha!! For the loooongest time I have LOVED the name Natalie and have always said that if I had a girl I would name her Natalie Elisabeth. Well....Morgan walks into my life and guess what, one of his ex-girlfriend's name is Natalie. BOOO!!!!!!!!!! So I thought I would name our fictional baby Natalie since I can't do it in real life. :( I love how dark her hair is & how she almost looks Hispanic. Apparently when I was a baby and still in the hospital, I looked so much like a Hispanic baby that they almost gave me to the wrong mother...oops!!

So that's our two children. Hopefully sooner than later we will get to meet them. In all honestly, I think our lives will be full of chasing little boys all over the place. But oh how I would love to have a little girl to play dress up with, put her in dresses, while Morgan is putting her on a John Deere tractor. I also have a weird feeling that we will have some red heads. When Morgan's got a beard growing out and the sun hits it, you can see red. How cute would a red headed baby be? VERY CUTE!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm not really sure how to begin this blog because my thoughts are kind of a mess. So this should make for some interesting reading for all of you. :)

It seems like every time I think I am okay with the whole "not being pregnant" thing, something slaps me in the face. For instance, I came home the other night to Morgan telling me that two of our friends are now pregnant. One of them wasn't trying (I don't think.) Earlier that day at work, we found out that one of our OB doctors (she used to be my OB) is pregnant with her third. So in one day I found out that THREE people I know are pregnant. Really? God, seriously. I understand that you might be "testing me" or trying to pull me back closer to You or maybe it's just not our "timing" yet. After all, God DOES know what He's doing!! But how much can one girl handle in a day? Apparently a lot, because amazingly I didn't break down into tears when Morgan told me about two of our friends being pregnant. There are mornings (mainly those mornings when my alarm goes off at 0445) that I am thankful to only have to be responsible for ME! Because sometimes just ME seems more than I can handle because I am NOT a morning person. Although I know it will be different when I have my own precious little sweet pea to take care of. I'm sure I will be desperately yearning to crawl back into bed, but I know a little person relies on me and that means more than anything.

Today I accidentally stumbled upon my friend's sister in law's blog page. Made me a little sad. Why? Because she's pregnant. I read all of her blog and I don't even know her. It was basically about her pregnancy because she started her blog when she found out she was pregnant. Although I am really happy for her, my heart was sad because I would give anything to be blogging about my own experience with my belly growing. I know some day that day will come and it will be the perfect timing!! Not "Laura's" timing, but God's timing.

I found a song on her page that I liked so I had added it to my blog page. As I was scrolling down my page, literally watching my life past before my eyes, I was seeing all of the pictures and posts I have posted a little over a year now. WOW! I started that scroll feeling a little sad, but ended with a thought of "I am so thankful for my life!" I have so many friends and family that love me and I love them. I have a roof over my head, a car that gets me from point A to point B and I never have to worry about it, I have the most supportive husband a girl could ask for, wonderful parents, amazing in laws that keep me laughing, friends to turn to when I feel sad or need to share something funny, a wonderful job, and the list could go on and on and on!!

Deep down I wonder if I am ready to have a baby RIGHT NOW! Why? This is how I know. As desperately as I want a child in my life, I have been dreaming (weekly, almost daily) of our trip to Mexico that never happened due to drug wars and swine flu. We were going to stay at the Excellence Riviera Cancun. It's rated the #1 resort in its area. It's BEAUTIFUL!! Has amazing reviews. I find myself almost every other day stumbling upon the website to check out the latest pictures people have posted of the resort. My friend from work, Michelle, is actually there RIGHT NOW as I type away...dreaming of this resort. Earlier this year Michelle was talking about how she was getting married in Mexico. Something was telling me, "DON'T ASK HER! DON'T ASK HER! DON'T ASK HER!" But I did..."Michelle, which resort are you getting married at?" Her response, "Excellence Riviera Cancun." My heart sank because that's where Morgan & I were supposed to go!!! Now she's there RIGHT NOW! Probably sitting on the beach soaking in the rays with a drink in her hand. :) Sounds so nice!! Truly, I am VERY happy for her! She's there for TWO weeks...LUCKY GIRL!! Every time I hear the song, "I've got my toes in the water, a$$ in the sand, not a worry in the world a cold beer (margarita for Laura) in my hand, life is good is good today." I cant' help but imagine Morgan and myself there!!! If we are not pregnant by our 2nd year anniversary, this is where we will be to celebrate! I'm soooo excited!!! A HUGE part of me wants to take one more vacation like this before we have our own little ones. Because once they are here, it most likely won't happen for a MIGHTY long time!!!!!! But if next month I took 10 pregnancy tests (because I know myself, I would not trust the first handful) that all say pregnant...I would be equally (let's be honest, MORE) excited!! We will see...

Hope you are all enjoying this rainy Monday! I made my dad's famous chocolate chip cookies and consumed a little more cookie dough at one time then one human being should!!! :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

State Fair of Texas

A little side note, I did not take these pics. For some reason, this girl that LOVES taking pictures, did not take her camera!!! Gurrrrr...

Howdy Folks!!! Today Morgan and I went to the State Fair of Texas. Morgan gets us free tickets and parking pass through his work so we always go. We get to park right up front and bam, we're in the state fair. :) It's so nice to go for free and save so much money!!! We got there around 1030. It was PERFECT!! Hardly a crowd. I could hold my arms out and spin down the walk way and not hit a single soul. (No, I did not do that. Just saying...)That's how much walking room we had. Not how it was when we were leaving, but we were there for 5 hours so it was getting crowded when we left. The weather was so nice. We could not have requested a more perfect day. Not a cloud in the sky and it was cool outside earlier in the day. One of my favorite days...where I was in a short sleeve t-shirt and 100% comfortable and Morgan was in a light jacket and 100% comfortable. My "menu" list before we went was FRIED BUTTER, CORN DOG, AND FUNNEL CAKE. Corn Dog and Funnel Cakes are a MUST for me. But then when we got there I realized that I am not actually a big fan of corn dogs. So why do I eat them EVERY YEAR?!? I guess because it's the "thing to do" at the state fair. So I skipped that this year. We headed straight for the fried butter. There wasn't hardly a line. When we were leaving, there were two looooooong crazy lines!! Phew! Glad we missed those. Anyway, Morgan wouldn't walk up to the counter with me because there was a television station filming. He said he didn't want to be on TV. I didn't really care. I just wanted to try some fried butter. It was sooooooooooo good!!! Can't even explain it. I had imagined in my head a piece of a stick of butter dipped in grease. But it wasn't like that at all. It was doughy (if that's even a word) and the butter was melted and hot and just dripped down your chin. It was as you would say, "finger lickin' good!!" As far as the funnel cake goes, I didn't get one this year. Not sure what was wrong with me because I ALWAYS get one. Wherever I go, if there is a funnel cake on the menu you better bet I am ordering one. But I didn't. I opted for COTTON CANDY!!!! Love Cotton Candy!!!

My other favorite thing and a "must do" at the state fair is to walk through the two car buildings. I love looking at all the cars. Sitting in all the cars I have admired from afar but was never able to see the insides. That all changes at the state fair. I sat in all the cars that I love. The cars I will never be able to afford. Sometimes realizing after sitting in them that I would never be happy with those cars anyway. Also at the state fair a "must do" for us is to go visit our friends at the "dip & soup" stand. Not really a professional name, but I don't know the real name. No, they aren't really our "friends" but we always buy from them. He told us today they also go to Canton. They have the BEST dips. They have pretzels out and everyone walks around with pretzels in their hands, dipping them in all the different dips. Sounds gross I'm sure, but it's actually very "sanitary." Trust me, if I can do it, ANYONE can do it!! I'm the biggest germ freak there is. The dips are easy to make. They give you the main "fixins" and then you just add sour cream and mayonnaise. They are always a hit at the parties I take them to.

It was also really neat to see the UT & OU 18 wheeler trucks all painted according to the university parked right next to the Cotton Bowl. Did you notice which team I mentioned first? Yes, I am a big UT fan. I've gone to a game down in Austin and it was a blast. Anyway, everyone was walking around with their UT & OU shirts on. Made me wish I wore mine. Then over by the stadium there was a greyhound bus with UT players loading up and leaving. We were all standing there watching and as they drove off everyone was holding up their UT fingers. It was neat to see the support. With all of that said, we are SO THANKFUL we will not be there tomorrow. We (more like "I" b/c Morgan is working) will be watching the game from the comfort of our home. It's the BEST game of the far as college football goes. On the way home we saw tons of cars south bound on 75 with their OU flags hanging on the windows. Boo! HaHa!

My MOST FAVORITE THING to visit at the state fair is.................

I think I will always be a 10 year old at heart. I love, love, love the rides!! I can't get enough. I'm about to sound like my grandparents when I say, "I remember back in the day when these rides only cost 4-6 tickets." Now they cost TEN!!! Yikes!! That means each ride is 5 bucks, but so worth it...well, most of them. There is one ride that I could ride 50 times in a row if I was rich. It's called the XTREME. I ride it EVERY YEAR!! I rode it twice this year. This year I made Morgan ride it with me because we rode it pretty early in the day so not many people were there yet and I was going to be the only one riding it. The best way to explain it is, while it spends round and round, it swings you really high in the air at the same time. The last ride I rode...without Morgan...I absolutely HATED!! I was praying the entire time, no joke, that God would let me live to see another day. I was on the end and I kept feeling that while it was flipping me way high in the air and turning me upside down, that I was about to fly out the side. I was griping those handle bars so tight that when I got off I could hardly move my fingers. I don't think I have prayed that hard in a LONG time. I don't ever get scared on rides but something about that one freaked me out a little bit...more like a lot!

They also had a really cool train exhibit. They had a new Amtrak train and a few older trains (1910's & 30's) that you could walk through. It was really neat to see how they have advanced over the years. It was cool to see how the sleeping arrangements used to be back in the day. These trains are so MASSIVE in person! They almost don't look real. I guess b/c I am used to seeing toy trains and not the real deal. After walking through this exhibit, Morgan is now inspired for us to go on a train ride some where. He said, "Canada." No clue why he chose Canada. I said, "New York City," because in NY you don't need a car.

So, that was our experience at the Sate Fair. It was such a perfect day and while I was standing there in line waiting for my favorite ride, I couldn't help but give thanks to God for such a beautiful day and for us being able to be there and pretend we are kids again!!! If only for a moment in time. :)

WAIT!!!! I almost forgot to show y'all my little souvenir...

Can you see it? It's a little leather bracelet with our names on it. Childish? Absolutely! But a girl at work got one with her and her husband's name on it and I thought it was so cute. So while we were there, I was secretly keeping my eyes open for the man that was doing this. Lucky me, unlucky Morgan, I found him! haha! Morgan didn't seem to amused that I wanted one of these bracelets, but I bought it anyway. Since he was kind of being a little stinker about me buying it, I told him that I was going to get LLLC initialized on it to represent "Laura, Layla, Lillie, and Charlie." Charlie is our horse. :) But I didn't. I got "Laura & Morgan." And yes, I am going to wear this bracelet!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Just Call Me...

Martha! Martha Stewart that is!! HaHa! Totally Kidding. But really, here lately I have become borderline obsessed with decorating. We have lived in this house for over a year and just recently I decided to do a little decorating. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have decorations going on in this house, but some things were incomplete. The summer of '08 I decided that it would be a good idea to only decorate 4/5 shelves of our amazing entertainment center that my brother in law made us. I've talked about it in another blog, but Matt built this beautiful entertainment center around a "not so pretty" fireplace. I just can't even explain what a difference it made in this house. Anyway, so I have only decorated 4/5 shelves. Not sure why, possibly because I could never reach the top shelf and I hoped it was too high up there for people's eyes to travel that far up. :) One day I had enough! I was off to Hobby Lobby. This is when a mild addiction to Hobby Lobby began. It's ridiculous. This is my new favorite store!! It has replaced Target. I love how practically everything in the store is always 50% off...or do they mark it up so they can say they are offering a 50% discount? Who knows! Either way, I am addicted. Then a few weeks later, that would be yesterday, I decided that the top shelf above our kitchen cabinets was screaming at me to decorate it. Or maybe I just needed a good excuse to go to Hobby Lobby? So off I went, spent way too much money, and this was one of those days I was thankful that I paid the bills and balanced the check book and not Morgan. I don't like the "grown up" look when it comes to decorating. As I was decorating last night I was wondering if I will ever out grow the stage I am in and have always been in. The stage of "nick knack" decor. Probably not. I love it too much!!! So here are some pics. Trust me, the decor is much more stunning in person...hehe!

This is my kitchen decor, obviously. Wonder what gave it away, could it be the dishes? Anyway, what a difference it has made to our kitchen!!! We added a beautiful "Love" picture to the right that you can't see. It's above the doorway to the living room. We also added three other picture/decor things to the left wall above the stove and refrigerator. I feel like I have a brand new kitchen.

Here's our entertainment center with the top shelf FINALLY decorated. I've had all the other shelves decorated, just not the top shelf and what a difference it made. I was trying to find the signs of "Faith, Hope, Love" that matched but I couldn't. I usually just found two and not three. So I decided to mix it up and do all different style signs and I loved it even more. The cross on the right has "Faith, Hope, & Love" on it so it was perfect. I was so happy to find it because it matched my theme. :)

Another picture just in case one wasn't enough for ya. HAHA!! Sorry, I am feeling a little sarcastic tonight.
I decided to make this a "Random" Blog. Why not? It's my blog. :) This is one of our pics on our entertainment center. It's a pic of a pic, hence the quality. I love these girls!! That was the BEST day of my life so far.

Here's a picture of the boys! They are so handsome. What a beautiful day that was!! Not a cloud in the sky.

My parents came up here to see us and pick up Lillie...thank goodness. We love that little puppy dog so much but my goodness, she has been barking at EVERYTHING lately!! She goes to doggy day care at my in laws when Morgan and I both work and GiGi (my "niece" dog) is living there now for a while. Wondering if she's picking this up for GiGi. Although, I really don't hear GiGi bark that much either. Anyway, it's annoying. So when my dad said that he wanted to get Lillie we didn't decline his offer. So when they got here, Lillie instantly found her place on Grandad's lap...aka...her favorite place to be with her favorite person on earth!! She had to sit on his lap to make sure he didn't go anywhere without her knowing.

Alright, that's all I have for tonight! If you are still reading this blog post, I am amazed! Thank You!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Balloons for Chase

This past Saturday was the Balloon Release for Chase. They asked as many of us that could to release balloons in Chase's honor. His sisters, Kendyll, Carlie, and Abby Kate are making a keep sake book to remember Chase. So we are all sending our pictures of our balloon releases. Due to my working schedule, I was unable to get my balloons for this past Saturday. So I decided that I would do it today. Since it's supposed to rain later today, I decided to do this by myself since Morgan gets off work later. I chose six balloons for Chase and his family. One to represent each of them. Before I released Chase's balloons, I said a prayer for Chase and his family that they may all feel the love of God and continue to be surrounded by support as they start the healing process. It was a little windy today and I started wondering why I had decided to release them today, but then I decided the wind would carry them faster to Chase. :) So here are my pictures, please continue to keep this family in your prayers.

These are the cards for Chase to read when the balloons reach him. One of my oldest friends, Holli, who also knows Chelsea asked me to send a note and balloon to Chase with ours. It's amazing how many lives this sweet little boy has touched!! My friend Brittani, who is also longing for her own little miracle from above, decided that when she released her balloons, that Chase would be the perfect angel to deliver a message to our Heavenly Father. That whenever He is ready, we are ready for our own blessing from above.

Since I was doing this by myself, I decided to take pictures of the balloons with the cards attached before I headed outside.

I hope Chase loves his personalized Cards. :)

Balloons for Chase.

Here come your balloons Chase!! :)

Chase, you will be missed here on earth more than you will ever know! But we know you are up in Heaven with our Heavenly Father smiling down and watching over your parents and three sisters who love you dearly.
Chelsea & Mark,
There are not enough words to express the sorrow I feel in my heart for your family. I know because of God and your faith in God, your family has shown amazing strength and are encouragements to everyone who has been touched by this tragic situation. I pray that as your family starts the healing process, you will continue to feel the love and support from not only God, but all those that love you down here on earth. One day I know your family will be reunited with Chase and what an amazing day that will be!!! My favorite Bible verse is, "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11 I hope, pray, and have faith that God will take this tragic situation and turn it around for the good. Something tells me in my heart, that Chelsea and Mark, the two of you some day will be able to help others who have experienced the loss of an infant. Chelsea, you were always an amazing friend and a wonderful support to me. I know some day, God will use you to be a blessing to others during their times of needs. Until then, may God wrap you and your family in his loving arms. Love to your family!! You will forever be in my prayers.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Back before Morgan and I got married, we were blessed to have several wedding showers. I have grown up in a church since I was 5 years old so these lovely ladies know me well. The ladies throwing the shower decided to send out two recipe cards with the shower invites. Isn't that just a fantastic idea? I thought so. There were a lot of ladies there and I got a lot of great recipes that the ladies put in a Recipe Book for me. So today I sent my mom an email telling her that I want her Taco Soup recipe. I know it's really easy. Basically you are just throwing a bunch of ingredients into a pot, but I still need to know what ingredients to throw in. She tells me to look in my Recipe Book that the ladies from church put together for me because she's pretty sure she put the recipe in there. So I open my Recipe Book. The first recipe I see is the BEST recipe!!! Do you want to know what it is? Of course you do!!! :) Here is the first recipe I saw...


2 heaping portions of love
2 large portions each of kindness and understanding

Stir In: Generous amounts of consideration and thoughtfulness over the years.

Baste Often With: Tenderness and affection to make the mixture sweet.

Should mixture start to boil and angry bubbles appear, turn off heat at once; add more love and understanding and continue cooking.

Ice with happiness. Makes enough to last a lifetime.

Isn't this the best recipe you've ever seen? I love it. I received it from my friend, Holli's, mother. Some day when I get motivated enough, I want to type it out, frame it, and hang it in our kitchen. Hmmm, mom, if you would love to type this up for me, I would greatly appreciate it since I don't have a printer. *wink* *wink*

Hope you're having a blessed, rainy Sunday everyone!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I know some of y'all have read the story of sweet Chase on Cassie's blog. I encourage you to now go back to Cassie's blog and read her latest post about their balloon release. I didn't expect to cry, but as soon as I saw Chelsea, I busted out into tears. What a beautiful start to this day to release balloons for Chase. Followed by rain, kind of appropriate if you ask me. This is an amazing family! Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

Friday, October 2, 2009

God Is Good!!!

A friend I grew up with going to church was pregnant with her baby boy. Her name is Chelsea and the baby's name is Chase. It is a heart breaking story. She lost him last Sunday at 34 weeks and delivered him this past Wednesday. Her and her husband already have three beautiful girls and were really excited for this sweet baby boy. It is a devastating loss. Fortunately, they have an amazing relationship with our Heavenly Father. The amazing strength they have shown is beyond words. They are the best examples of how to deal with a tragic loss and still proclaim that God is Good. God is Good, but sometimes during these losses people tend to forget that. Since some of you that read my blog know Chelsea but might not know this story, please go to Cassie's blog. On the right side of my page is a link to Cassie's blog. Cassie is Chelsea's sister...Chelsea is the oldest of 4 sisters. Cassie has blogged over the past week about this situation. I want to share it with everyone because hopefully some day it will help you. It has already helped me. They also need continue prayers while they start the healing process. Even though you might not know them personally, please pray for this sweet, sweet family.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Friday morning when I was leaving for work, the last thing I saw before walking out the door was Lillie all snuggled in her bed. The first thing I saw when walking outside was Layla sitting on two pieces of wood on our back porch. Here lately that's where she's been sleeping. The sight of Layla sitting on two pieces of wood made my heart sad. I have the biggest heart for animals and there is no way I could be a vet. Anyway, so yesterday was Lillie's birthday. Lillie decided that instead of her getting a gift (we gave her two treats yesterday instead of one, haha!) she wanted Layla to get a little bed. Wasn't that so sweet of Lillie? :) So Morgan and I went to Pets Mart to find Layla a little bed. All the while Morgan is saying to me, "she's a 'barn cat' she doesn't need a bed." I didn't listen, I just kept on shopping for a new bed for Layla. We get home and I put it on the back porch and sit her in it, where she then bolts from it. I did it again, she bolted again. Lillie, however, had not problem getting in it and checking it out for herself. Morgan told me that she needed to sniff it and that she's a "barn cat" and probably won't lay in it. I was sad. If she only knew how soft it was, she'd stay in it forever!! We left her alone and went inside. So about an hour later I peeked out the window and what did I see? Layla-Bayla laying in her little bed. Morgan didn't believe me. He thought I was just making it up. He had to get up and look for himself. Then, what did I see this morning? Layla still laying in her bed. She LOVES it. I turned to Morgan this morning and said, "Now aren't you glad that I bought a little bed for our 'barn cat'!" :) Here's a picture of her in it...please ignore the wood and screws on our back porch. We are in the process of hanging a new screen door.

She was in the process of "pawing" it so that's why she looks funny. When she lays in it, it fits her perfectly. Now I can sleep a little better at night knowing our sweet Layla-Bayla is sleeping more comfy!! She might be the most spoiled "barn cat" in Collin County.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

♥ Lillie Bear ♥

I did this for Morgan so I had to do one for Lille Bear, too!! :) Other then the fact that she has more pharmacy drugs prescribed to her than I do...ugh!!! She's worth it. Also, I think I am hugging Lillie Bear a little bit tighter today since Jessica Simpson's dog was taken by a coyote. Laugh if you want, but our little puppy dogs are like our babies to us that haven't had our own sweet peas yet.

Ten Reasons Why Lille Bear is the best dog ever...

1. The way she puts her paw on my leg when she's sitting next to me.

2. The way she lays her head on my arm like I am her pillow.

3. She's always happy to see me.

4. She is the best little puppy dog in a bath. Mainly because she knows she's getting a treat afterwards. :)

5. She is always "ready to go." Poor thang spent most of her first couple years "on the go," so that's all she knows. She gets bored if she's at one place too long.

6. She loooooves her Grandad!!!! He is her favorite person. Although we joke that he went to the truck the day I got her because he didn't agree with me getting her. Now they are best buds and Grandad misses her when she's not around.

7. She's a smart little dog, knows phrases, commands, and tricks.

8. She makes me laugh. When she's doing something bad and I say no, she gives me this look and then does it again. It makes me laugh, but she does get time out for it.

9. She's never has "accidents" in the house. Double :)

10.When Lillie and Morgan are sitting on the couch together, it's the sweetest thing ever.


It's time to give "props" to my sweet Cowboy who makes me smile every day, even the days I am mad at him...which are few and far between.

Ten Reasons Why I Love Morgan Dyer...

1. I know that man loves me with all of his heart. There's an unconditional love there that I have only seen from my immediate family.

2. He would do anything in the world for me no matter what time of the day it is.

3. When he isn't feeling good or something is wrong, the gentle way he responds to my question of, "Are you okay?"

4. He is always making up goofy songs about me and the country that make me laugh so hard.

5. He can only tolerate my singing for so long before he tells me it's "quiet time."

6. He helps around the house without me even having to ask...takes trash out, helps put dishes away, helps do the laundry and fold clothes.

7. He makes me feel so "girly."

8. I could gain a 100 pounds and he would still act like I have only gained 1 pound.

9. The way he looks after Lillie. He talks to me like Lillie is "in the way," but he looks after her and takes such good care of her!!

10.When I see him with Davin or other children or holding babies, I know some day he will make a GREAT daddy to our children.

Love you Morgan! Thank you for being the great husband that you are!! Muah!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mud Boots & Rainy Days

Let me start with telling you that Morgan is sitting right next to me laughing at me that I am blogging about this. I told him, "Everyone else blogs about random stuff, why can't I?" So here it goes...

So as we all know, it has been "rainy days" these past few days. I know many are getting sick of it, my husband included, but I LOVE it!!! I love it for several reasons, getting to take naps and not feel guilty about it, staying in all day and doing nothing and not feeling guilty about it, cuddling up under the covers and watching a movie, etc. but most of all I love it because it means I get Morgan all to myself because it's too wet to do hay and luckily this was his weekend NOT to work!! WOOHOO!

So yesterday morning I drug myself out of bed. Yes, it sucked because getting up at 0445 on any Saturday morning when you know everyone else is sleeping in doesn't tend to make me "smile." It's even worse when it's a rainy Saturday morning. Thankfully, I got off work around noon. Our nephew, Davin, was supposed to have a football game the other night but it got rained out and moved to Saturday afternoon. So Morgan waited for me to get home and we went a little late...which I didn't complain too much about because it was rainy. So we pull up to the football field where there is NO parking!! We had to park right up next to the school buses where it was sooooooooooooo muddy!!!! Thank goodness Morgan has a 4x4 truck or I am pretty sure we would STILL be sitting there today. It was a big ole muddy mess. As we were walking up to the game, walking through huge mud holes and me only wearing tennis shoes I say to Morgan, "Remember ALL of those times I wanted to buy me some Mud Boots but you said, 'You don't need those! You will never wear them,' and I put them back on the shelf, THANKS BUDDY!" He started laughing. I, however, was not laughing as I was stomping through the mud!! Let me rewind, Morgan and I sometimes go to Tractor Supply for random things and they have always had these really cute mud boots. On several occasions I have wanted to buy me some and Morgan would never let me. Not that he wouldn't, but when he said I didn't need them, I thought maybe he was right so I would put them back. Then one day at Target they had some really cute green mud boots and once again I wanted to buy them, but Morgan said I didn't need them. So as I am stomping through the mud and get to the stands where the rest of our family is sitting, what do I see? MY SISTER IN LAW WITH HER REALLY CUTE, PINK-STRIPED, MUD BOOTS ON!!!! after the game we went straight to Tractor Supply to buy me some Mud Boots. I really wanted the solid pink boots but they had some funky strap on them so these are the Mud Boots I decided to buy...FINALLY...

I love my new navy blue Mud Boots!!! Then while we were walking around I saw these gloves that I just had to have...

There is no way Morgan could say "No" to these because after all, they are John Deere!! :)

After we got home we cuddled all afternoon, I took a two hour nap which really worried Morgan because I NEVER take a 2 hour nap. Then we went to dinner, came home and watched BABY MAMA! Let's say Morgan watched it. I fell asleep half way through despite Morgan trying to keep me awake by shaking me and yelling at me, "Stay Awake!" I guess he finally gave up because I crashed! He won't tell me how the movie ended. He says I have to watch it for myself since I fell asleep on him. LOL!

So while all of you are hating these rainy days, I am LOVING it because I finally get more "Morgan" time and I finally got my Mud Boots!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Okay, I can't stand it anymore...I have been trying to wait until the first of October to blog about my favorite month and how excited I am that it has finally made its arrival again, but I can't wait. I absolutely LOVE October for so many reasons. Sometimes I wish it could be October all year long, but then I would never fully appreciate a month that was here to stay forever. Just the wonderful colors of October make me fall in love with this month. So as we are approaching October, fully enjoy all it has to offer...

~Hay Rides
~Cooler Weather
~Carving Pumpkins
~Cute Kids in Halloween Costumes
~Color of the Sky
~Cowboy Games
~"Friday Night Lights"
~Cuddling under Blankets
~Smell of a Fire Place
~Brilliant Colors of the Leaves
(Yellow, Red, Orange, Brown)
~Driving through Fallen Leaves
~Wearing short sleeves or long sleeves
and being equally Comfortable
~Rainy Days
~Opening Blinds and it not
Heating up the House
~Scare Crows
~Bags & Bags of Candy
~Haunted Houses

I'm sure all of you can think of many more reasons to enjoy this month so whatever they are, enjoy it! After all, we only have this month for 31 days a year!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


The number 41 might mean different things to different people today. For instance, someone might be turning 41 today, another person might have 41 days left until vacation, another person might have 41 days until their loved one returns home. But, 41 today represents the number of years my parents have been married. :) I had to email my dad and ask him the number of years and he replied with, "41 short years." I just thought that was so sweet. He then told me that I would be 71 by the time Morgan and I have been married 41 years. That just seems like forever away for me. My parents, to me, represent everything a loving, happy, Christian marriage should be. Don't get me wrong, I know they have had their not so good days, especially with raising me and my brother. I remember one day my parents were having an argument (please mom and dad don't get upset for me telling this to the world...) and they weren't raising their voices or anything, but I could tell something was not right between them. I am guessing I was around 8 years old. I was so scared and afraid they were going to get a divorce. I was asking my mom if they were getting a divorce and she said, "No, we will NEVER get a divorce!" I still remember that to this day. I think that situation taught me you can have arguments, disagreements, fights with your spouse, but that doesn't mean either of you are walking away. My parents still have that happy marriage that you rarely see these days. When my dad comes home from work or before he leaves, he walks over and kisses my mom either "hello" or "good-bye." They are the best example I could ever have on how to live 41 happy years with Morgan. Thank you mom and dad for being such a strong couple and always being there for Brian and Me. Since Morgan and I got engaged on y'alls anniversary...even though Morgan had no clue that he was dropping down on one knee on y'alls anniversary...we have nothing but hope we will make it to 41 years together!!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Butterflies & Bumble Bees

Today I worked and over all it was a great day. I was fortunate enough to have really great patients and patients that made my job easy and enjoyable. One of my co-workers had it a little bit different. Can't really go into detail but our secretary noticed that this nurse was a little stressed...which I would've been to if I had to deal with what she was dealing with...and told us that anytime we are stressed or need to count to 10 we should take a deep breath and as we are doing it say "butterflies in" and then exhale and say "bumble bees out." I thought that was so cute. Just that visual of that is calming and makes me smile. The best part was that our manager was standing there listening to this conversation and had this nurse do it with her and was doing the hand motions that go with taking a deep breath and saying, "butterflies in" and exhaling "bumble bees out." It was so funny! It might not have actually de-stressed this nurse, but it sure gave her a good laugh! So the next time you are stressed or need to count to 10 because you might feel like killing someone think of this...

Inhale and say, "BUTTERFLIES IN..."

Exhale and say, "Bumble Bees Out!!"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New!! Car!! Very!! Excited!!

Let me preface this with saying I am not bragging. I am just super excited and want to share my good news with the people I love...

For a while now I have been contemplating buying a car. As much as I love my Toyota 4 Runner, the gas mileage is not so great. I knew SUVs were known for having bad gas mileage but when I bought it, I bought it because I my Passat had gotten into some high water, messed up the engine, and so I was frustrated and wanted a vehicle higher off the ground. Well now I am tired of filling up my gas tank all the time and paying so much money for gas. Yes, we do plan on having children so when I went shopping for a new car that was one of my questions...can a car seat fit in the backseat easily without moving the seats up.

So yesterday I drove down to Fort Worth to pick up Lillie Bear. She's been in "dog heaven" with my parents for the past couple of weeks and it was time for her to come home. I got down there really early so I decided to go look at all the car lots off of 820/30. For a while now I have seen the Honda Accords and have just loved them. When I first saw one I thought it was a BMW. I couldn't believe it was a Honda Accord. So I stopped in and immediately told the guy I wasn't going to buy a car but that I wanted to see if a Honda Accord was even the size of car I would like to drive. I was honestly wanting to just sit in the car so I could be like, "Yep, that's what I thought, this car is too small." Then I would be finished day dreaming about it and just go on with my life. WELL...I sat in the car (front, back, all 4 spots) and this car is extremely roomy!!! Then I was thinking, "Well, the trunk is probably small so that will be a deal breaker." The salesman, David, opened the trunk and WOW...I swear it has the same amount of space as my 4 Runner. So, heck! What was my argument now for NOT buying this car? I didn't have one. On top of that, it gets 30mpg highway compared to my 21mpg highway on my 4 Runner. It also has a 6 disc CD player...woohoo!!! The thing it has the most that I absolutely love...A SUNROOF!!! Most of my cars have always had one but when I bought my 4 Runner I thought I wouldn't miss it. Boy was I wrong. All my friends cars that I get into they all have sunroofs and I open every one of them!!! :)

Now came time to see if I could even afford this car. I told David that he shouldn't even bother running numbers because I obviously still owe on my 4 Runner and payments would be too much. He said, "well if you have great credit, let's just run the numbers, it won't hurt and see where we are at." I had no hopes at all of getting this car so I was just chilling out waiting to see what they would say. Well what do you know, my payments would actually be $30 cheaper a month. So then I said, "Well, my husband has to say it's okay and he is against me getting a car." They insisted that I drive it home (way far away from the dealership) and have him drive it and see how he likes it. So as I am driving off in this nice car that I am falling in love with by the second I call Morgan and tell him what's going on expecting for him to get mad. He didn't!!! He comes home, test drives it, I educate him on how it's going to save us tons of money in gas, the safety issues, etc. and he says, "Sweetie, if you want this car you can have it!" I almost fell over. Never expected him to say that because he has always told me, "YOU WILL NEVER DRIVE A CAR!!!"

So last night I went to bed and prayed about it. I prayed that I would have a clear view on if I should buy this car or not. Before I went to bed I read about 50 reviews of this car and 99% were great!! I couldn't go to sleep so about 0130 I finally got up and made a list of all my questions for David about the car. I then was able to fall asleep...

So today when I took the car back I was still undecided. I wanted to drive my 4 Runner again because I wasn't used to driving so low in the Honda. I got back in my 4 Runner and felt so weird. I felt like I was mammoth woman and I realized then I was much more comfy in the Honda and it was much smoother. So Honda Accord was my decision and David answered all of my questions! This entire process went so smooth and so quick!!

I know by this point you are thinking your evening will not be complete unless you see my new car...especially since you just read this looong, boring story of how I came to drive my new car so here are two pictures...

The front of the car...obviously, ha...they put the visor on the sunroof for free today after I sweet talked them into doing it. hehe!!

Here's the side view...highly recommend this car if anyone is thinking of buying one!!!! Of course, I have only owned it for a total of 4 hours now. But I am sure my opinion will still be the same in a couple of years from now!! Oh, and it's black on black. About everyone that sees it has a first reaction of, "wow, it's pretty." Then the second reaction, "Black? With Lillie?" Yes I say!! Let's just say I will be living with a lint roller brush in my car from here on out!
So all in all, I am so thankful that God has blessed Morgan and myself with this new car and he gave me the clear vision that yes, this was the car for me compared to my 4 Runner!!