Friday, February 11, 2011

Craft Group

Lydia, Nina, Me, Stephanie, & Savita

Well who would have ever thought that I would ever be part of a Craft Group!! Oh how fun it is, though!! I will say, going into this I was a little nervous...okay, maybe more than a little. These girls are far from the "judging" type, but I still couldn't help but say a silent little prayer, "Lord, Pleasssse let my heart turn out half way decent!!!" These other girls have kiddos and are always crafting it up. Me on the other hand, not so much...until now. I mean, I can color with the best of them, make semi-okay looking necklaces, and even make a decent looking flower arrangement. But when pins, glue, felt, etc become involved, I get a little nervous. But I am over all of that now after surviving the first meeting of the "Craft Club." We had lots of fun. These girls are all so sweet and funny. I'm so lucky to have been asked to be part of this little group of crafters. We're getting together again the first of March so I'll post what we do then, too!! Wish Me Luck!!