Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chicken Pepper Cannon Ball

Recipe time!! Okay, so I don't really know the real name of this, but my dad said I should call it Pepper Cannon Ball (or something) and it has chicken in it...so there ya go! Now when I tell you what it is, you're going to turn your nose up and refuse to try it. BUT DON'T!! My friend at work, Janine, had the recipe and then Joanna had a good idea to add chicken to it. Well Lydia made it and I'll be honest, at first I refused to try it but Lydia made me try ONE BITE and that ONE BITE turned into MANY of bites!!!! Here it is...

2 Boxes of Cream Cheese (normal size boxes)
1 Package of Ranch Dressing Mix (for salad dressing, not dip)
1 small can or package of Tyson's chicken

Pour chicken into a bowl and shred into fine pieces.
Add Cream Cheese and Dressing Mix.
Mix all the ingredients together.
Then make two separate balls (you could make 1 big ball but it would be HUGE).
Poor pepper onto a plate, preferably a plate that has a "lip" to help contain the pepper.
Roll balls in pepper until completely covered.
Let them chill in refrigerator, although you can eat them as soon as they are made.
BEST with Wheat Thins-Garden Valley Veggie. They come in a bag and not a box.

ENJOY!!!! I now make this for myself. Who needs a party to make this? I have a party for 1 and enjoy it!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


After feeling like Morgan has been my "roommate" more than my husband these past couple of weeks due to his work schedule, I was determined to have a fun filled weekend with him. I was tired of us not really doing anything together besides going out to dinner. We do that enough, I wanted to do something else together. I've been wanting to go the Bodies Exhibition down at the West End for a long time and I decided last night was the night. We drove down there late afternoon, walked around, and then went to eat dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was fun walking around downtown Dallas and I was thankful that I had driven down there numerous times to see my friend Stacey to know my way around. After dinner we walked back over to the West End area. There were tons of carriage rides every where. On our way to dinner one of the drivers had asked us if we wanted to ride and we politely declined his offer. He then told us, "Go get a few drinks in you and come back and see me." We laughed....and then did just that. Well Morgan did, I did not. So we made our way back over to the carriage ride area and Morgan offered me the opportunity to ride and I took him up on it. This is the picture of us on the carriage ride, taken by yours truly. ;)

I must say, if you ever get the opportunity to do this, DO IT!!! It was so nice to see the calmer side of Dallas. It didn't hurt that the weather was absolutely perfect last night for a carriage ride.

Today we went to Fort Worth to the Main Street Festivities. I used to go every year and haven't been since before meeting Morgan. Not sure why I love it so much considering I am not really an "Art-sy" type of person, but I love going. So we got up early and headed to Fort Worth with the Lillie Bear. We dropped her off at her "little slice of heaven on earth" and headed downtown. We got there around eleven. We decided to have lunch at Risky's out on the patio because let's face it, they double, if not triple, the prices on food at these kinds of events. I had my favorite...fried corn & some yummy brisket tacos!!! YUM!!!! We walked around and had fun people watching and dog watching because it seemed like everyone had their dogs down there. After that we headed to the Botanical Gardens because we had some time to kill before we went over to Brian & Christy's (my brother and sister in law's) house for dinner. The roses were so pretty and it wasn't too crowded.

After the gardens we went to have dinner with my parents, brother, and sister in law. I'd say my nephew too but he was in the other room playing video games so not sure that he really counts. :) My brother got all of the cooking gene!!!! Brian and Christy cook soooooo good!! Everything they make is delicious!! Let me back up, I CAN cook...I just don't LIKE to cook. It was nice to hang out with my parents, Brian and Christy!! The best part about the night was that I found out that my brother is going to do our kitchen counter tops...woohooo! So that's all for now! I have to go choose a counter top from the hundreds of samples Brian gave me. :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So Sweet!

Today I was in Fort Worth, for a few reasons, but one of them was to pick up Lillie Bear. She spent a couple of nights at her favorite place in the world...aka...grandmom's and grandad's house! My Dad took Lillie outside before we were going to leave to let her do her business since it's a semi-long drive home, especially in 5 o'clock traffic. My mom and I stayed in the kitchen and worked on destroying a pepper ball thingy with delicious crackers. When my Dad got home from work he said his head was hurting and that he just didn't feel well. THIS IS A MAN YOU WILL HARDLY EVER HEAR COMPLAIN!!! I realized it had been quite some time that they had been outside and it kind of worried me. Thought maybe something had happened to my Dad so I went to look outside and this is what I saw on the front step...

My Dad and Lillie sitting there together, she is in his lap. Oh my Gosh, cutest thing I have seen in a long time. I had to run to get my cell phone to take a picture. I didn't tell my Dad I took this picture. I changed his computer background so when he got on the computer tonight he would see it. It's such a sweet picture.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is a little disclaimer concerning my blog. Plllllease people, do NOT over anaylze this or read to deep into anything I write on here. I want this to be a fun blog for everyone to read. The blog about Morgan and his "hearing" was in good humor, not anger. I know EVERY couple had "dirty laundry" and NO WAY would I ever "air" ours on a public blog. Not mad at anyone, just don't want it to get where every time I write something that's not all "happy happy joy joy" that I get emails about it. Just saying...