Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh HaPpY DaY!!

(Taken today while I was enjoying some Hammock time...incase y'all forgot who I was, haha!)

I'm OFFICIALLY back!!!!! It only took several months, 3 trips out from the Internet people, and one 30 foot tower pole on top of our house to fix our Internet issue. Yes, I said THIRTY foot tower pole!! Looks like a windmill with a satellite dish on top. Morgan was just soooooo sure that I miss heard the guy when he told me what they were going to have to do (during trip 2 out to our house). He was laughing telling me there was NO WAY it's 30 feet high, that maybe he said 3 foot. NOPE! When the guys showed up with a ridiculous long pole, because it was laying on the ground at the time, Morgan said, "Babe, that thing is LONG!" TOLD YOU...was my response. I demanded an apology because it's way up there. Morgan said tonight as we were driving to dinner, "I hope an airplane doesn't hit our house! Maybe we should put a red light on top of it." He was joking, but it is pretty darn high up there. I offered to paint it hot pink or red just to make sure everyone notices it driving by...because the only way they wouldn't notice it is if they were legally blind. It's crazy!! I'm praying lightening doesn't strike it or that an extremely high wind gust doesn't come through because we're in trouble. But at least I have super-and I mean SUPER-fast Internet now, right??? Ahhhh, I'm so happy!! :) I should be posting more regularly now to those that have been sweet enough to tell me they've missed my posts.