Sunday, July 26, 2009

Carry Tops

My friend I went to high school with, Andrea, has two boys. With her last little boy she came up with an invention...carry tops. They are AWESOME!!! I want to buy all my friends one that are having babies. Let me think how to describe's a cover that fits tight over the baby carrier. It's really great for the winter time when it's cold. Instead of tucking a blanket around the baby while walking in and out of your home, grocery store, mall, etc while it's freezing can wrap a blanket around your baby and then place the "carry top" on the baby carrier and it keeps the blanket from blowing away and also protects your baby from the harsh freezing wind. It's also good for the spring and summer time when it's raining. Just put the "carry top" over the baby carrier and your baby will stay dry. It's also good to protect your baby from all of those random people...aka complete strangers...that like to walk up and get in your baby's face to have a good look at him/her. If you are interested in buying one or just to see what they are go to... You will not regret it!!! When Morgan and I have our sweet peas we are definitely going to buy one.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Within the past few years one of my best friends, Stacey, has really gotten me into reading. She probably has no clue how much she has inspired me. She is so smart about things and really educates herself on so many topics. Most of the books I have read are those that she has recommended me to read. No, not all of them are for educational purposes and some are just purely fun reads. I love the Shopaholic Series, Dean Koontz mystery books, Love As A Way of Life by Gary Chapman, Joel Olsteen, Five Love Languages, alllll of Joyce Meyer's books, The Purpose Driven Life, Sandra Brown Books, Skinny Bitch...which DO NOT read if you want to continue eating meat the rest of your life. BUT, my two absolute favorite books that I want EVERYONE who reads my blog...those I do know and those that just accidentally stumble onto this blog and actually read any of read two books in particular. The first book I want everyone to read is...

Stacey is the one that got me to read this book. I wasn't so sure about it first but she raved about it and so I caved. It is my second favorite book ever!!!!!! I could hardly put it down and read it super fast. I went into this book thinking it was a true story and that's still how I want to believe it. I have recently found out that it's just fiction, but then I read other places that it's true. Who knows!! You can go read about it on the Internet site. I want to tell y'all everything about this book but don't want to give anything away. Let me just say it talks about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I bought a copy for my parents and insisted that they read it. Then my friend Lydia asked me if she could borrow a couple of books because they were driving to Destin, Florida and needed something to read. So I searched my house frantically trying to find it to only remember that I had borrowed Stacey's book. So I immediately went to Target and bought it. I plan on reading it over and over. I gave it to Lydia and I can't wait to hear what she thinks about it. If any of y'all want to borrow it, you can!!! But I bet you'll want your own copy by the time you're done. :)

The second book that I highly recommend is Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall & Denver Moore with Lynn Vincent. My parents tried to get me to read this book a couple of years ago but it just didn't sound interesting to me at all. I told them I would read it later...which later did eventually come which honestly when I said it, had no intentions of ever reading it. Anyway, two of my friends, Stacey and well as many others I have recently found out on facebook, have read this book and couldn't put it down! So I asked my parents if I could borrow the book to read. Why on earth has it taken me this long to read this book? It's the BEST book I have ever read in my entire life!!! Stacey told me to get ready to cry a lot and I didn't really believe her because I don't hardly cry. Let's just say that Morgan thinks I am a nut half the time because I am crying and laughing at the same time. I have fallen in love with this book and the people in it. It's based on a true story about a rich white man and a black homeless man who become friends. It is their stories of their lives and how they became to call each other "friend." After you read it you will see why I say, "Everyone on this planet needs a friend like Denver." I actually have come across Ron...the rich white man...many times in my life and never knew what a great man I was encountering until recently. For 5 years I worked at Kincaid's in Fort Worth. The original Kincaid's off Camp Bowie. It's a famous hamburger place and here within the past couple of years they have grown to several stores. Kincaid's is the type of place where you see the same people all the time. Some people come EVERY Saturday like they are religiously going to church. I loved it there with the atmosphere and really getting to know our customers. Ron was a man that came there frequently. When I began reading this book I knew his name sounded familiar and then I stumbled upon a picture in the back of the book of him and Denver and I thought, "I know Ron! HE came to Kincaid's all the time." So that has made this book even more exciting for me to read!!!

My point of this blog is that I want EVERYONE to go buy these two books!!! I feel like you lives will be richly blessed by reading them. My friend's blog has so many posts about different things and fun things she finds on the Internet. So I decided to post about these books because I figured it would be a good way to reach out to many of y'all at one time!!! Enjoy, and if you do read these books, let me know how much you love them...or hate them...either way I would love to hear all about it!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

HaPpY BiRtHdAy to Me!!!

We all know I am a firecracker baby...which I am sure explains a lot about my personality. haha! I turned a big 32!!! For some reason last year I didn't really like turning 31 and it really bothered me. But this last year I heard someone saying how we should be grateful to be one year older and still alive to experience things on this earth. So this year, I looked at it completely different. I embraced my birthday and had a wonderful day...wait, weekend. Since my birthday was on a Saturday this year I decided to make it a weekend event. Poor Morgan. :) We had such a great time. I wish every weekend could be just this good. Friday night Morgan's family took me out to choice. Where to go? Where to go? I decided Chuy's. Most of us had been there and we all loved it so that's where we went. So good!!! Birthday's have always been big in our family. We celebrate every one's birthday and I am thankful to have married into a family that shares the same view. So everyone came and we had fun. Nannie made her best chocolate cake and between that and the sopapillas our sweet waitress gave us, I was stuffed. My father in law said that he's pretty sure we all gained at least a good 2 pounds. I loooove pictures so here's a ton of them...
If you've never eaten here, you must put it on your to do list!!!!!! So Yummy!!!
The Family...she never told us when she was taking the picture which explains some facial expressions.

I didn't like any of the pics others took of us so we took our own. Me & My Sweet Thang!

Howard & Becky...we couldn't ask for a better aunt & uncle. They are so good to us!!!

Enjoying some nice cold Margaritas in the TEXAS heat!!! Love this picture of them.

Robert, my father in law, sportin' the pink Rose Davin stuck in his that's a MAN!

Me and my M&Ms...they are also so good to me!!! Couldn't ask for a better brother in law.
On Saturday I woke up to the sweetest Birthday card from Morgan. We had gotten my gift on Friday!!! He's such a romantic and thoughtful husband. We then went down to Fort Worth to have lunch with my parents and my brother. My nephew had a swim party to go to so he and my sister in law weren't there. Which I can't blame him. If I was 12 years old I would rather go to a swim party than go to my aunt's birthday lunch. :) We ate soooooooo good!!! Once again, my mother ordered my birthday cake just like the one last year because that's how much we all love it!!! Plus, the Airhart Crew was wanting some more of it and I think it's safe to say we're addicted to this cake. Although on the way home I got a bad headache because I am sure my sugar level spiked off the charts while eating it and then soon plummeted...which equals headache. But it soon went away.
My parents, my brother and Me!

Making a Wish.........hopefully it comes true!!!!!!!! :)

Lille Bear always gets me a birthday card. This is the card she got me this year and it cracked me up so I had to get her picture with it.

Saturday night we went down to his Nannie's and did our own fireworks. We also can see the fireworks all over the place but we get to see the ones that go off near McKinney and avoid the traffic...yay!!! That's a bonus to the country life is all of this open land. To go to and from anywhere we have to drive past a fireworks stand. I told Morgan that I wanted to get some Sparklers. So he stops, gets out, and then heads back to the car with a load of fireworks. Kinda made me nervous. But it all went well and no limbs were blown off in the process. He surprised me with my very own fireworks display...24 of them so it was so nice. I got my blanket out and laid down on the gravel road and watched the fireworks. They were so beautiful up close like that. After Morgan's fireworks show for me we sat in the bed of the truck and watched all of the other fireworks going off all around us. It was a great BiRtHdAy!!!

...because standing there holding a Sparkler for a picture would be just WAY to boring! HAHA!

One of the many fireworks Morgan did for favorite color!!!

...and another's actually my favorite color of fireworks!!!!

This is my approval of the beautiful fireworks display Morgan did for my birthday!!!

This is how us country folk watch the the bed of a pickup truck!!! Life couldn't be any better at this very moment!!!