Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008!!!

This year, Christmas was a bit of an experience...
We celebrated Christmas Eve with his dad's side of the family like always. It was a lot of fun. We did Chinese Gifts this year and that was an experience in itself, but fun. All of us couples ended up ganging up on each other to get what we wanted...haha! I was scheduled to work Christmas Day but several of us got the day off...which was a true blessing...and so we spent Christmas with Morgan's mother's side of the family. They all came up from Fort Worth and we had sooooo much fun!!! It all started when Morgan had a football and told me to "go long" to run and catch it. Well, Angie, who is Morgan's cousin and also a track star in college, jumped out there before I could even register what he said to me and she caught the ball. Well that was it, a football game began and it was tons of fun, but I will NEVER and I mean NEVER do that again!!! The next couple of days I was in EXTREME pain, to say the least. It hurt worse than any of the two surgeries I have had!!! I am not being exagerant when I say this, I could hardly walk the next day. We were going to my parents that Friday to celebrate Christmas and I was a complete mess. I couldn't dress myself or anything. To make matters a million times worse, Lillie was sick with mainly vomiting. She vomited allllll the way to Fort Worth. So, here I am in the back seat with Lillie trying to comfort her while in EXTREME pain myself!!! We got to my parents house and out walked my mom to say HI and I just started crying...let me just say I am not one to usually cry!!!!!! I was a mess! But, thankfully I have the best, supportive, loving husband who could handle all of this and took it all in stride. Morgan has got to be one of the most patient men I know! Christmas with my parents got interrupted with us having to take Lillie to the vet, which thankfully Dr Morris worked his magic and a few pretty dollars later, she was all better. So, to you mom and dad, we love you so much and am sooo sorrrrry that our Christmas was celebrated with a few bumps. We promise that next year will be much better, it has to be!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Texas Gaylord Hotel ICE!!!

I am so fortunate and blessed to be married to a man that is always ready for anything! The other day we were sitting there bored at home when I remembered how I have been wanting to go see ICE at the Gaylord since LAST YEAR!!! So, I told Morgan to get dressed because we were going to have some fun. ICE is so neat, kinda expensive but it's neat to do once. It's only 9 degrees in there so they gave us these huge parkas to wear. If you go, bring gloves because we forgot and our hands got a little chilly. Practically everything is made out of ice. There's a bridge made out of ice, gingerbread house, and even an ice slide. We both did the slide and it was so cute because even people in their 80's were doing the slide. Honestly, I wanted to do the slide again because I am such a kid at heart. We had the BEST day. What started as a quick, 1 hour trip to see ICE, turned into an all day event at the Gaylord. We had such a great time walking around, looking at the shops, and eating dinner at night on the Riverwalk with all of the Christmas lights around. It was so pretty!!! Hopefully some day we will get to spend the night...for a special occasion or something. :)

Matt & Melissa's Wedding November 29, 2008

Matt and Melissa had a beautiful wedding with pretty fall colors!!! Their wedding was in an older church and they wanted to get married in "candle light" which was absolutely gorgeous! Melissa was a beautiful bride. They had their reception at a Ranch that was so neat. I didn't take many pictures because the lights were dimmed down so my camera didn't take pictures well. It was pretty much all wood with white lights every where and a huge dance floor! Morgan and I had soooo much fun dancing!!! I'm so glad I married a man who is not afraid to shake his booty. :) He's so adorable! But, this is a wedding that NO ONE will forget because practically everyone got sick. Sweet, cute, adorable Hannah, who I am holding in this picture, brought with her a nasty stomach bug. Poor thing was so sick and ended up in the hospital on IV fluids. After that, it was down hill from there. My poor mother in law left the reception early because she was so sick. Didn't even get to dance with her son. :( Matt, the groom, almost didn't make the plane for his honeymoon...7 day cruise through Mexico...because he was so sick. Once he got there the cruise ship quaranteened him and he couldn't leave his tiny room for 2 days. :( We all joke that some day when Hannah is older, we will tell her how she made everyone soooo sick. But look at her, who could be mad at that sweet child!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

My 3 M's

This is a picture of me with my 3 M's. I call them my 3 M's because there names are Melissa, Matt, and Morgan. :) Of course you know by now that Morgan is my sweet, adorable, and loving husband. Matt is Morgan's brother and Melissa is soon to be Matt's wife. They are getting married this November 29th and we are all super excited about it. When I married into this family, I gained the best brother in law I could have ever asked for. He has helped us soooo much with remodeling our "old farm house." He built this amazing entertainment center around this yucky old fireplace that was falling apart. I have to admit, I was about ready to give up on this house when it came to the living room. I had no clue how it would ever be "livable" for us. The ceiling was falling down, the fireplace was falling apart, and it needed a serious paint job. Luckily, we have Matt in our lives who saved the day and built the entertainment center and helped Morgan fix our ceiling. Now it's so wonderful! It's my favorite room in the house and I NEVER thought I would say that!!! Melissa is a great girl and I couldn't imagine a more perfect girl for him. Here lately we have had the pleasure of hanging out with them more and through this, I have come to really enjoy their company and see how perfect they are for each other. The main activity that the 4 of us do is cook out and sip on some nice cold beverages. Matt is our bartender and makes us some great drinks! Matt, if you ever read this, will please stop bringing Lillie "treats." Matt's version of a "treat" for Lillie are either live or dead things he finds around out here in the country. For example, one time he called me and he was on the way over with a "treat" for Lillie. It was a snake in a jar. Then just a few days ago he had me come outside because once again he had a "treat" for Lillie. This time I was onto him and knew better. He pulled 3 freshly cut cow legs out of the back of his truck. Really? Seriously? Gross!!! I think Matt just gets a kick out of me and how I react to it and finds it quite funny...but it's not!!! Anyway, so these are the 3 M's in my life and I am so thankful to have them!!!

My Pappasito's Girls!

I call Christy and Stacey my "Pappasito's Girls" simply for the fact that we have chosen to meet there every time we get together. There's just something about the table side guacamole that we just can't resist! I actually have known these two girls for quite some time. I can't remember if we all went to elementary school together, but I do know we went to Junior High & High School. I, unfortunately, lost touch with both of these beautiful girls after high school. But oh how grateful I am for classmates and myspace. Stacey and I regained touch a few years back, I am guessing 6 years back. I found my sweet Stacey on classmates and contacted her immediately. She was my bud in high school and I missed her. Over the past 6 years we have kept in touch and try to get together frequently for lunch and some shopping. Christy and I regained touch on myspace. Ever since then, the three of us like to meet for lunch and have great girl time. Christy has a little girl Maddie, who is absolutely adorable, who sometimes joins us and she's so good that we hardly even notice she's there. She's the most "girly girl" I have ever seen and it's absolutely adorable. Christy~she's ALWAYS welcome at our lunches!!! So, I am so thankful for the creators of myspace and classmates for bringing the three of us back together!!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Loving Parents

Morgan and I have been blessed to each have wonderful parents! My parents have been married for 40 years and are the best example of a Christian-loving marriage I have ever seen. They are truly the best people I know. They have been there through everything with me, the good and the bad. They always know the perfect thing to say to make it all better. I have gone through some hard times in my life and they have always helped me keep my faith strong in God when I could have so easily doubted. My mother is the sweetest lady you could ever meet. My friends always fall in love with her when they meet her. She would do anything in the world for me! She is my rock and the person I turn to when my world falls apart. I honestly don't know what I would do without her. My dad is the most amazing man I know. He would drop whatever he was doing without question and come to my rescue. I always joke that when I am 50 and have a flat tire, he will be the one to save the day. Yes, of course I have my wonderful Morgan, but I think there is just something about how a daughter will always need her dad. My dad is not only there for me, but he is there for everyone. We all know that if we ever need anything, he will be there. Also, he can make the BEST chocolate chip cookies you could ever have!!! I love my parents with alllllllllllll of my heart and I hope and pray they know how much they mean to me. They have always made my life easier and some may call me "sheltered" but I am completely fine with that. I am thankful to God every day that he chose me to be their daughter!
Morgan's parents are also great. He's sleeping right now or I would ask him how long they have been married. They are college sweet hearts. When you are at the Airhart house there is never a dull moment. His mom is very out going and has never met a stranger. His dad is more laid back and quiet. They have been wonderful to me and have accepted me with open arms and as one of their own. I feel blessed to have such wonderful in laws! This picture of all of us was taken right when we got back from Jamaica. His mom will probably kill me when she sees it, but it's the only one I have of the 6 of us together.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hallowen happens to be one of my favorite holidays. Yes, I know, kinda weird. I think it's because Fall is my favorite season and so I relate Fall and Halloween together. Plus, I think it's just fun to dress up. This year Stacey and I went Halloween shopping and I couldn't find anything for Morgan & I to wear that just really screamed at me. I was about to give up when I saw a white trash outfit. That's when I realized that is what we would be going as for Halloween. Morgan hates it when I say this, but what he wore is pretty much what he wears every day. No, the cigarrettes are not real, but they did blow out white smoke which is kind of neat. We had these crazy hickey tattoos that Stacey and I thought were hilarious. Everyone loved them except they kind of looked like burns. Oh well! We had fun!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This is my fantastic, wonderful friend, Jill. We swear we were separated at birth! We are soooooo much alike that it's quite interesting. I'm posting this picture because she's such a great friend of mine but she was the one snapping the crazy picture of us in sunglasses so she didn't get to be a part of it. I met her this past January at Plano Presby and I swear I feel like I have known her forever!!!! She's hilarious and she is one of those girls that just "gets me." I'm so thankful that God had our paths cross because she's such a beautiful girl, on the inside and out!!!! Love you JIll!!!!


I am a girl who absolutely loves my girls and would do anything in the world for them!!! I think you can never have too many friends. Friends are my support system, bouncing board, and just "get me" when my own man can't understand me, because after all, he's a man. :) I love how I can be silly, as seen in this picture, without ever being questioned about it or laughed at because after all, they are right there with me without question. I don't know what I would do without allllll of the great girls that I have in my life. Like I have said, good friends are hard to find. Great friends are even harder to find. Thank you God for richly blessing me with both kinds! I feel so blessed to have these wonderful people in my life! Y'all mean so much to me and I love you all!!!!!!!


I just married my soul mate, best friend, and the best man in the world, next to my dad, on May 3, 2008! I feel like I am the most blessed girl in the world and am so thankful that God chose me to be the lucky one to be Morgan's wife! He was well worth the wait and the broken hearts that I had to endure to get to him. He is definitely my better half. He is such a patient man and I hope to some day develop that myself. Morgan is a very forgiving man and has this unconditional love for me that I have only had from my parents. We're now living out in the country with our Lillie Bear...aka our pug...and she's our little baby. Morgan pretends that Lillie is not his, but yet deep down I can tell how much he really cares about her. It's actually pretty cute to watch the two of them together. Our next plan in our lives is to start a family. If Morgan had it his way, we would already have our own little one on the way. I, on the other hand, want to enjoy "us" before we add a precious little one to our family. I do hope and pray that God will trust us with one of His own little ones some day soon. I feel that is one of the greatest gifts we can have during our short time here on earth, to raise a child to be a child of God.