Sunday, October 31, 2010

Love Me Some Halloween

I absolutely looove Halloween!! Not sure why?? I think it has a lot to do with the weather. It seems to be the time when the weather is changing to cool, leaves are turning colors, football games, the beginning smells of fire places/campfires, etc. But also, how can you resist those adorable little kids in costumes!! I really wish we lived where we had tons of kids that came knocking on our door saying, "trick-or-treat."

Today I was lucky enough to be cancelled from work. Most people would worry when they got a 5 am phone call, but not us nurses. We know nothing but good news is on the other end! I was especially happy because last night when Morgan realized I was scheduled to work today and said in the saddest voice ever with the saddest face, "But I thought we were going to get to spend the day together tomorrow!" I was bummed, too. Feels like we haven't really had much "Morgan and Laura" time lately and plus, it was Halloween! BUT...I got the day off and we had a great day. Told him that all I wanted to do was go to lunch, go get my first Cinnamon Dulce Latte of the season (I had a Starbucks gift card from a baby shower I went to-I won the "baby" game-shocker, I know.), and then hunt down a pumpkin for us to carve. Well apparently my procrastination almost bit me in the butt this year. I mean, what were we thinking??? Being able to find a pumpkin in McKinney was near impossible. Actually, it was impossible. Saw many in the yards of homes and sitting by the door of businesses that were obviously not being used to their full potential-thus making me really want to be a pumpkin thief-but I didn't. Morgan then remembered a little pumpkin patch in Princeton, thank goodness!! So home we went with our lovely pumpkin! Please excuse the pictures below, totally forgot to put on makeup. :-(

Me with my lovely pumpkin. No Judging! It was the best that us procrastinators could find!!

Seriously, I hate this part!! I hate the slimy mess. I know some people love it, but not me.

This is kind of like torture for me.

Morgan helping me, this is not our house in the background. HAHA! Just a really old, cool lookin' barn.

I have "Pumpkin Wounds." Hard to see, but my fingers were bruised from all the scraping I did.
Time for carving. I drew the face on and then Morgan went to carving it out.

He told me I needed to help, but then he quickly took the knife from me after saying that I scared him with the knife. I obviously wasn't holding it to his liking. ; )

Here's our pumpkin baby...only its mama and its daddy could love this face!!

Sorry, had to put one on here with me looking half way decent after posting those other pics.

And here she is!! Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Adorable Morgan

If my memory is correct, tomorrow will be 4 years from when the cutest, sweetest guy with pretty blue eyes showed up on my doorstep for a first "blind" date. I hear people that have been together for a long time say, "I just couldn't imagine loving him/her more, but then they do something that makes me love him/her even more." Morgan constantly makes me laugh with things he says and does. Very, and I mean VERY, few people get to see this side of him. When he's around a bunch of people he kind of pulls back into his shell and is more shy. When it's just family or really REALLY close friends, then he's 100% himself. I wish everyone got to see this side of him because it's just so adorable.

Last night was one of those nights that made me just love my country boy even more! It's probably going to be one of those things where you had to be there to think it's as funny/cute as me, but I will share it anyway. Mainly because when I look back, I don't want to forget this memory. I'm semi obsessed with the game Minesweeper. For those that don't know what this is, it's where you click on a square and it will show a number-if you're lucky to not hit a bomb. The number represents how many bombs are around it and then you flag where you think/know where the bombs are. The goal is to complete the board without bombing the whole thing up. Morgan has watched me play this game several times, but yet he won't let me explain it to him. Which, of course, he bombs the board almost immediately. He's a very smart man, just doesn't want to listen me...imagine that, lol. So last night we were laying in bed and I was watching one of my shows that he was obviously not into. He grabbed the computer and I didn't pay attention for a while to what he was doing. Well I look over and he has the entire board flagged with one big design that had his initial in the middle of it. Oh my, I busted out laughing so hard!! Looooove his creativity!!! I just fell in love with his cuteness all over again lat night!!! I'm soooooo blessed to be married to this country boy of mine!

(I'm pretty sure he's going to kill me for posting this about him!!)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

State Fair 2010

It started off with a bang and ended with a mess!!! Since we get in free and parking is free thanks to Morgan's work, we always go to the fair. This year we took one of my besties, her husband, her son, and one of his friends. This is a friend of mine who pays attention to the important details and so we started the morning off right with mimosas. YUM! Love these, but yet never seem to have one. So that was a nice little treat. We then made it to the fair around 10 am. We had to get there in time in order to experience the fair in its completeness before getting home in time to watch the Cowboys game that afternoon. Considering the Cowboys seem to be royally sucking it up this year, not sure why we cared. Anyway, the big thing to try this year was the Fried Frito Pie. Boy was it delicious. The group seemed to like the Fried Pecan Pie the best, but I loved the frito pie. I also had to have the Fried Butter again. We then walked around, enjoyed some rides, they enjoyed a corny dog, and I grabbed a bag of cotton candy on the way out...a must have for me!!
We then cruise on back to their house and watch the ridiculously high scoring Cowboy game. After I had finished half of my cotton candy bag, I started drinking a Mike's Hard Lemonade drink. HUGE mistake!!! I started to not feel well, but was starving and so we all went out to dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant. I had another Margarita, but just limited it to one since I wasn't feeling well.
As soon as Morgan and I left their house I took a turn for the worse. My head was killing me and I felt like I needed to throw up. I've seriously maybe have thrown up 5 times in my life, if that many. Well on the way home we have to make this sharp loop to get on 75 and as we were approaching it I was thinking to myself, this is going to do me in!! Sure enough, it did-which I was thankful for. Morgan pulled over in the Kohl's parking lot where I began to hurl and hurl and hurl!!! I haven't been that sick since the day after Cinco de Mayo 2006. I get back in the car and tell Morgan that I didn't know how I was going to make it home. I was sooooo sick!! He told me to hang on and that he'd get me there!! I knew if I could just make it to my bed and pillow I would feel better, but the closer we got to home the more I began to feel like I was having a panic/anxiety attack. (Kinda like the closer you get to home the worse you have to pee.) I could hardly speak, felt like my chest was tight, hard to breathe. I then tell Morgan that I felt like I was having a panic attack. He then says to me, "YOU THINK YOU'RE HAVING A PANIC ATTACK?!?!?" I then told him that him panicking over me possibly having a panic attack wasn't helping!!! I thankfully made it home, into the bathroom, where I began to finish it off. Bless my husband. As I was sitting on the toilet with a trash can in my lap, he quietly got a cold wash cloth (without me having to ask) and put it on my face. He then got a wet towel and washed my legs and feet off. He's the best!!! The next day he said he had never seen me so sick. I'm sure I wasn't a pretty sight!!
So if you ever go to the state fair I highly suggest that you limit your fried food intake and don't mix half a bag of cotton candy with an alcoholic beverage. I did tell my friend that the good thing about being so sick was that those calories didn't count!!! :-)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Red Light Tickets :(

Sometimes I wonder why God had me move from Fort Worth to where I live now knowing how much I LOVE Fort Worth. Well I think I have my answer. Other than the fact that my wonderful country boy who is a perfect match for me happened to live in another city, God moved me out of Fort Worth because he knew my wallet would not be able to afford it. What are you talking about, Laura???-you may ask. Well apparently the city of Fort Worth Red Light Ticket program works quite well and LOVES me!! I've gotten 3 of them now. Honestly, one of them I am not even sure if I was driving or Morgan, but my dad (who is a very safe driver) got a ticket at the same light I did so that one is questionable. The other 2 I got for turning right. Apparently I didn't sit there for 2 decades to make sure the traffic was clear before turning. I'm starting to cringe now when I check the mail. It's sad when Morgan knows what's inside the envelope before even opening. :( I heard the other day that Collin County is one of the wealthiest counties in Texas. I'm finding it hard to believe that considering all of my money is going to Tarrant!!! Gurrrr!!! So be careful all of you Fort Worth drivers...and GOOD LUCK!!!