Friday, June 10, 2011

Craft Day!

Ahhhh, today was SO fun, but I am one exhausted human being!!! Today was Craft Craze Day...and swimming. Savita just had this awesome-gorgeous new pool put in so the other girls brought their kiddos and when we were done, in the pool we went. Well...let's say I went in first...for a LONG time with the kids. Nina wasn't there today and so someone had to take her place of completing the task super fast and apparently that person was ME!! As soon as I was done with my wreath Savita's older daughter, Avery, said, "SHE'S DONE!! YESSSSS!" and immediately gathered up the other kids and in their swimsuits they went. So I entertained the kids for a while in the pool. It was lots of fun! Ethan, Lydia's son, knows me really well so we played. But the fun part was Stephanie's "darlings" as she -and we- call them. They are always SO shy when they come up to work to visit her on the weekends. I mean, barely look at you. They will say, "Hi" but that's about it. They are absolutely adorable. They are twins, a boy and a girl, and just too precious for words. Well I got in the pool with them and they just played and played with me...and talked to me!! It was so fun! Then FINALLY my friends joined me and Lydia even went off the diving board, much to our surprise! ;) After the crafting and swimming, Lydia and I went to play Raquet Ball. We are heading to Destin in a couple of weeks so we are trying to be good about this. She won, of course! Like she says, "We don't get a trophy or anything," when one of us goes way out of our way to get a ball...and misses! It's really quite funny and we laugh more than anything!! Now I'm home...showered...and about to go to sleep. Yes, I do believe I will sleep great after this fun filled Summer Day!!! Just wish 0450 wouldn't come SOOOOO early!!!!!!