Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meet Maks...

Last night Morgan and I went over to the in laws. I thought we were just running over there real quick to drop off some jeans for Matt and some pictures I had printed for Melissa. We walk in and Melissa is like, "Come see what's in here." She opens the door to her room (M&M are living with the in laws since they just bought a new house and are remodeling some of it) and what do I see?!? A little baby goat laying on a blanket. NEVER was expecting to see that!! He was the cutest little thing but could hardly raise his head because he was so weak. M&M have goats and recently the goats had 8 babies, Maks was born yesterday. Three had already died and Matt found Maks stiff. (That's what I have named him after Maksim from Dancing with the Stars. Even though Matt said I shouldn't name him until we know he makes it. But I say give him a name so he WILL make it!!) Maks was probably "seeing the light" until Melissa came and got him and took him home. They wanted me to try and put a tube down his throat to his stomach since I used to have to do this to the NICU babies, but the tube they had was HUGE and I refused!! So Matt and I fed little Maks together. Matt held his mouth open and helped him suck while I tried to hold the bottle in his little bitty mouth. Maks is supposed to eat like a baby, every 2-3 hours.

So today after I got done with my workout with Lydia, I had a message from my father in law asking if I could go feed Maks. Maks wouldn't eat for my mother in law prior to her leaving for work so he was wondering if I could get him to eat. I was hesitant, but went over there to see what I could do. After all, I am a city girl now living in the country!!! But I guess after working with babies for almost 10 years, I could try. As I was walking in I was praying he wouldn't be dead. This is what I saw...

Maks all curled up sleeping. So sweet. So I picked him up and felt his little heart beating, thank goodness!!

I then took this picture to send to Lydia because she wanted to see how cute he was. Take notice of how much milk is in the bottle sitting on the table. This is before Maks ate. I'm pretty sure he's giving me the same look that Morgan gives me when I want to take pictures of him.
At first Maks didn't really want anything to do with the bottle. I was thinking, oh great, I'm going to have to do what Matt and I had to do last night BY MYSELF!! Once I opened his mouth and stuck the bottle in, he went to town. He sucked so good and was so eager to eat!! He ate an 1 1/2 ounces. :) :) :)

Now notice the bottle on the table, he drank a lot for his little bitty self.

After I held Maks for a little bit and petted him & talked to he's a puppy or something...I put him back in his bed. He was standing and even moving around a little. WAY more than he was doing last night.

So I hope little Maks makes it!!! If not, I will be one sad little lady. :( I just got home from feeding him again. I fed him at 3pm another 1 1/2 ounces. Then we snuggled in the chair. Matt started laughing when he walked in and saw me. I couldn't help it. Having his little head on my chest all snuggled up to me was irresistible. Although, it kind of makes me worried about how I will be as a mother. I went over at noon, didn't let GiGi out. GiGi is M&M's dog. I was too focused on making sure I was doing everything right for Maks. Then I went over there at 3pm and it took me a while to finally remember that GiGi probably has needs too and to let her out. So I snuggled Maks up with me and we took GiGi outside. Poor GiGi peed FOREVER!!! But hey, at least I EVENTUALLY remembered, right?!? HAHA!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I've been wanting to write something since this happened but never knew what to say until today. I've been wanting to encourage all of you to donate money to Haiti. I have always felt like we are so blessed to live in this country to be born under the "red white & blue" and when something like this happens, it just emphasizes that even more for me. We are so blessed to be in this country, so much so that I think we don't even have a smidgen of a clue how really blessed we are...which is a whole other topic. The picture above is one of my best friend's, Holli. She went on a mission trip with our church to Haiti. (It's been quite sometime.) I remember we were all worried about her going because of her blond hair and blue eyes. Thankfully, under the protective wings of Angels, she made it back safely. This was a picture taken while she was there with one of the orphanage kids.
I heard a story today that really touched me and finally pushed me to write something about Haiti and the importance of all of us donating. As I was on my way to work out I heard a story on 102.9, I believe. Now typically I ONLY listen to music but something made me stop and listen to this story. Some of you may have heard it. It's a story about a news crew that is in Haiti covering this disaster. They were outside of a bank. The bank used to be five stories high and was reduced to maybe 3 feet off the ground. Just a mound of rubble. While everyone was digging through the rubble, most likely looking for money, there was a man standing off to the side just watching. The news crew asked the man why he was just standing there, not saying a word or doing anything. He had been standing in that spot for FIVE DAYS. He said that his wife worked in that bank and he knew she was in there when the earthquake happened. He said he was going to stand there until she was either pulled out alive, or dead. (Talk about love and devotion!!!) Well they didn't have the man crew to do any kind of serious digging. Then a group of fire fighters from Los Angeles came walking down the street who had adequate equipment to assist. They told the fire fighters the situation and they started digging. After digging for a little bit they heard a female voice. The man who had been standing on the side for five days went running over to where they were. It was his wife!!! She was alive!!!! They pulled her out and the only thing was wrong was her hand. It had gotten smashed in the collapse of the building. After five days of no food or water, she was alive and nothing serious was wrong. Praise God!!! The man got his wife and they drove off together.
I just think that's a miraculous story. We need to donate to not only support the people in Haiti, but the volunteers that are taking the time, being away from their own family, to go aid the Haiti people. You can donate by texting "Haiti" to 90999. This will donate $10. You can also go to and donate. I also believe this Friday there will be a telethon by celebrities that will be taking donations. I know some might say, "I just don't have the money." But these people really have NOTHING!! They really didn't even have much before this and what they did have is now destroyed. God has richly blessed us in so many ways! I think we need to give to the Haiti people, regardless of how small the amount. I wish I could just get on a plane and fly over there and help them, but I can't . So this is the least I could do.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Redeeming Love

I have another book for everyone to read. This book above is so good!!! Several girls at work were reading it, going on about how good it was and how they couldn't put it down. It's written by a christian author so I thought I would give it a try. I'll be honest, it's not the type of book I would typically read so at first it took a while for me to get into it and the amount of pages overwhelmed me. I had to FORCE myself to read this book. But then a few chapters into it I couldn't put it down. I flew through this book. I read it faster than most 200 page books. Every free waking moment I had, I spent soaking in this book. I couldn't get enough of it!! Now that I am done reading it, I have tried going back to the type of books I used to read...and i am so bored with them. Francine Rivers has other books out that I will have to read soon. So if you know me and would like to borrow this book, just let me know. One of my friends currently has it so when she's done, anyone can read it. I also bought this book for my mom for Christmas and can't wait to hear what she thinks of it.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Morgan turned 32. Surprisingly, he did not rub it in my face how I am 6 months and 6 days older than him. :) We had a good day, kept it low key. We went to lunch with the family. My parents came up so I was really happy for that. I made his lovely cake...that he never ate. The boy and sweets are not friends. So after listing every kind of cake I could come up with and him saying he wouldn't eat it, I decided to make my favorite kind. Yellow with chocolate icing, yum! I made it from scratch, took me hours and hours...okay, so maybe I had a little help from a gal we'll call "Betty." haha! Happy Birthday, Morgan! Love You Bunches!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


If you tell me a secret, I will keep it. If I have a surprise for you, you can bet I won't tell you...if it's truly a surprise. But PLEASE don't tell me you have a "surprise" for me and then make me wait for it. Don't get me wrong, I love surprises, but only when it's actually happening and I am truly surprised. Also, when it comes to gifts I am HORRIBLE!! I was, am, and will always be a "snooper!!" I'm not ashamed of it and my family knows this. Once I snooped through my parents closet, since that's where I knew they stored our Christmas gifts, found a sweater that I loved. Well I was going to a Nursing/End of Semester party and wanted to wear it. Christmas was only a few days away so it wasn't really THAT big of a deal. HeHe!! Well I wore it to the party. I don't even drink beer, but one of my friends accidentally spilt beer on it. OOPS!! So I came home that night, tried to clean it, and the next morning snuck it back in my parents closet without them ever knowing. That is, until my big mouth ex-fiance started cracking up when I opened it at Christmas and he spilled the beans. Thankfully, my parents have a good sense of humor and didn't get mad at me.

Then this year Morgan told me he was going Christmas shopping for me, but that he was taking my gifts over to his parents to wrap them. So in my mind, they aren't in our house. Out of sight, out of mind. So I am ironing some scrubs for the next day at work in our middle bedroom. Well this is also the same room that we were keeping our Christmas gifts since we didn't have a tree up this year and our living room looks like a storage space. Morgan walks in and says to me, "Don't look in those bags. Your Christmas gifts are in there!!" What?!? Really? Why on EARTH would he tell me this!! I was thinking they were at the in laws but nope, they are 2 feet away from a bag...where I can EASILY snoop!! If he would've never mentioned anything, I would have never noticed them. His last words to me before walking out of the house were, "Now don't go snooping!!!!!" Ummm, have you met your wife? Do you know her at all? Apparently he doesn't!! As soon as I heard his truck pull away, I immediately went to snooping and found out what 90% of my gifts were right away. I know! I know!!! This is HORRIBLE!!!! But I have never unwrapped a gift and re wrapped it like my husband has done. Yeah, totally just threw him under the bus!! So Christmas Eve we open gifts and I knew all of them, so I thought. He had actually hid my perfume where I couldn't find it. :) Should I be admitting to all of this? Probably not. So if you ever have a surprise or gift for me, please don't tell me unless you are giving it to me RIGHT THEN!!! Otherwise, I just might drive you crazy trying to figure it out. I am known to do this by asking a million questions, shaking the gifts, and you better bet if it's in a bag...I will be SNOOPING!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Super Cute Chicks...Now Super Big Chicks!!

Side Note: If you want to see what these chickens looked like at a couple of days old, scroll on down a little further.

Tonight after dinner I said to Morgan, "Let's go look at those chickens. I haven't seen them in a while and would like to see how big they are." So we drove over to the in laws clueless to what we were walking into. Davin, our nephew, is showing these chickens this coming Friday so my brother in law, Matt, and sister in law, Melissa, were washing these big 'ole chickens!! Good grief they got big FAST!! Take a look...

Davin and Melissa both did some washing. These poor chickens did not enjoy it one bit, but then again I wouldn't either if I was them.
This picture cracks me up. Nothing like a wet chicken. This is kind of the "behind the scenes" of raising chickens. Absolutely NO CLUE this much effort went into raising them and getting them ready to show. Poor thang!! He's looking at me like, "Really? This is my life?!? Sitting on a dryer while some woman is holding me down while another is blowing me with a hair dryer? This so CAN'T be normal!!"

Are you wondering how many Airhart men it takes to weigh a chicken? Apparently three, haha! This isn't the most accurate way to do it, but their scale froze up so they used mine. Love how Matt is holding this chicken directly over my father in law so if it pooped, it was going right on him! Should've seen the little evil grin Matt was giving me. ;) And why is the man who can't hardly see reading the scale?!?

Even GiGi loves the chickens. Almost too much I do believe because I did see her licking her lips quite often.
So that was our night. Always something new to learn out here and NEVER, and I mean NEVER, a dull moment at this house!! I can't help but wonder if that's going to be Morgan and me in 13 years when our child is old enough to raise chickens. If so, I will just have to recruit Matt and Melissa to help me out in this area of raising our child because I am on the clueless side when it comes to farm animals.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Embarrassing Truth!!!

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived by herself, lived 5 minutes from the gym and worked out at least 3-4 times a week, came home from work and ate either cereal or a sandwich. This girl RARELY had any alcohol and really didn't eat out very much. Meet this girl...

Then this girl above fell madly in love with a Cowboy, moved to the country where the gym was a 20 minute drive one way, started eating fast food and going out to dinner where an occasional alcoholic beverage was involved, and apparently lost her tan and became pasty white which makes her look WAY worse!! Meet this girl...

SIGH!!! Yes, this is completely embarrassing and I am humiliating myself, but this is what I need to do. I need all of y'all to hold me accountable and to help me stay on track. The picture above was taken just the other night. This is the heaviest I have EVER weighed!!! BLAH!!! So we will consider this the "before" picture. My friend, Lydia, who is in this picture with me is getting back in shape with me. The other day we came up with a reward system for when we lose weight at 5 pound increments. I am so excited!!! I also talked her into signing back up for our gym we used to go to. We are going to do some classes together because I think that's where we can really lose some weight because the classes kind of work all areas of the body. We are starting tomorrow at 0830. Now all that know me know that I typically don't get up until 0900 on my day off, but I am desperate to lose weight so we are meeting for a class. I am excited and scared!! I'm praying I don't pass out since it has been awhile since I have exercised. I hope some day soon we will have a great "after" picture of our slimmer selves!!