Friday, March 27, 2009

Morgan = Best Husband!!!

I have to take a moment and brag on Morgan. He deserves the "best husband" award. My sweet man does so many things for me on a daily basis that I know I take for granted. Last night and this morning we were kind of in a little mini fight. LONG STORY!!! I went to work and I told my friend Courtney that I was going to give Morgan a test today. Yes, I am well aware that this is not right and all types of wrong, but I was going to do it anyway. I worked yesterday and today so I was beyond exhausted when I got off work tonight. These two days have been really busy. Not the type where we just sit around and eat bohn bohns all day long. I needed to go to Target desperately (almost out of toilet paper, no paper towels, etc.) and tonight after work was the best time for me to go because this weekend is going to be busy. So I told Courtney that I was going to text Morgan, like I always do, and tell him that I was leaving and stopping by Target on my way home. In my perfect, ideal world called "Laura Land," this is when he would text back, "okay, I will meet you there." Morgan knows how much I absolutely HATE going to Target alone. To make it worse, it's freezing cold and windy. So I text him and NO RESPONSE! I ALWAYS get a response from him, nothing. So I am pushing my buggy through Target expecting any minute for him to show up and surprise me. Nope! I'm loading our groceries in my SUV, freezing my butt off, and getting more upset by the second. I call him when I am pulling out of the parking lot and at the same time remind myself of the great advice my friend once told me, PICK YOUR BATTLES. WELL, the reason why he did not meet me at Target is because last night I was telling him how my parents are coming up this weekend and how I was going to have to clean the entire house Saturday before they get here. I asked him if he could just vacuum and I would do the rest. I pull up in the driveway and there he is, as always, waiting outside on the back step to help me carry in the groceries. I walk in to a spotless house. The floors swept and mopped. Trash taken out, dishes from the dishwasher put away. Cat Fed. Lillie Fed. The furniture polished, changed the bath matt in the bath tub, the TOILETS AND SINKS spotless!!! Morgan said, "Laura, I want you to look at the toilets and sinks, you can eat off them." Okay, don't know if I would go THAT far, but they were spotless. This is on top of his long day at work he had and he has to get up at 0630 and go to work in the morning. Plus, he had to leave work at 5pm to go meet his mom at the vet for our sweet Lillie Bear. I love Morgan with allllllll of my heart and am so thankful God had him in mind as my husband. He does a million things for me, half I probably don't even realize, to make my life easier!!!! I love you Morgan and I am sorry that I "tested" you today. Technically, you failed. But really, you passed with flying colors since you cleaned the entire house! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


  • Today I decided that I would skip the gym and workout outside instead because it is such a beautiful day. I had my MP3 player to listen to music but I still got a little bored. You would think Jake, the neighbor's dog, barking at me every time I walk by would be entertainment enough. No, I needed something else to do. So I decided that every time a car drives by, I would initiate the friendly wave. I was thinking to myself and trying to figure out why are we so weird about waving at complete strangers. So I decided I would see how many people would wave back. ( I know, this sounds silly, but it entertains me...and Jake who likes to bark at the cars.) I would say maybe 10 cars went by and I have to subtract my father in law and Nannie because they don't count. They HAVE to wave at me, haha! I can say, everyone waved back, even the passengers in the car. A couple of times I was disappointed because they waved first. Okay, not really disappointed but I wanted to wave first.

    As I was walking I got to thinking lately about efforts I have been trying to make when I come across people. It all started because I have patients and families at work that say to me, "Are you coming back tomorrow? I want you to be my nurse. You are a good nurse are good at your job. etc." No, definitely not bragging on myself but I have to tell you this to tell you why I have started doing what I do. I was thinking, "Man, I like when my patients tell me these things. It makes me feel good and gives me hope in what I am doing. It's nice to feel appreciated."

    What I have been doing is that when I go to a store, mainly Target because that's where I go the most, and the cashier is really good at his/her job, I will tell them, "Thank you so much. You are really good and fast at your job. I appreciate it." You should see his/her face. They are shocked and smile and say thank you. That has to be such a thankless job. Dealing with people who really don't want to be standing in line to spend money on groceries? Ya know? I'm sure they don't come across the most friendly people in the world. I've heard once that if you are thinking something nice about someone, you should tell them. None of us receive enough compliments in this life and we all know how compliments make us feel better. I don't only do this at Target. I tan so I see the same girls all the time. If a girl cuts or colors her hair and I really like it, I tell her. Her face lights up and I can tell she really appreciates a stranger noticing something like this on her. I also do this with co-workers. If they have on a cute pair of scrubs, different hair style, etc. I say something and compliment them.

    I'm only saying all of this because I think it's something we should all be doing. I challenge everyone that reads this to start complimenting those you come in contact with in your life and see how it blesses you. You can start a domino effect and maybe this world will be a happier place. Being kind to one person may cause them to be kinder to many more. At the very least, you made someone smile.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Since my past two blogs were not so much on the bright and sunny side of life, I figured I would tell you about my day today. Let's start with last night...

I was absolutely dreading going to work today based on my past two weeks. Absolutely dreading it. I think I would have rather gone and dug ditches all day than go to work. But I knew I had to go and there was no getting out of it. I was talking to my dad and I was telling him how I felt and that I didn't think I could survive another bad day. That I didn't want to start hating my job. I asked him (and I know he probably told my mom) to say a prayer for me and my work today that it would be a good day. I told him lately that I felt like either God was hearing my prayers and was just not answering them the way I wanted, or they, for whatever reason, weren't getting to Him...which I know isn't true. I know God's plan for our day/patients is not our plan but sometimes it's hard to acccept. Anyway, so my dad said he would pray for me and some how I got this refreshing feeling that it was all going to be okay. Again, I also prayed to God that He would bless me (and my coworkers) with a good day because I didn't want to start hating my job because I was starting to despise it...yes, 99.9% of the time I LOVE it, but that 1% can really do us in as nurses...that's why so many nurses give up after a year. I prayed that I would be a blessing to my patients and that they would be a blessing to me. I also prayed to God that I would acccept my assignment because I will know it's one that He picked out especially for me. I know this might sound nuts to those that aren't too religious, but it works for me. (Just so you know, assignments haven't always been handed out fairly lately.)

I get to work and praise God, we are REALLY staffed well which means we have 3-4 patients a piece. That's unheard of. Then I look at my assignment and I see I have a Gyn patient. A Gyn is usually a lady that has had a hysterectomy. You must know, you've got a 50-50 chance of these types being good patients. They either do everything perfect or everything exactly how you don't want them to do it. I thought to myself, "Dang! UGH!" But then I reminded myself that this was an assignment that God picked out especially for me so it was all going to be okay. Sure enough, my four patients did everything PERFECTLY! My Gyn patient was such a sweet heart and one of the best I have ever had. We had a great day together. Then I got a fresh c/s patient. Another fact you must know, these ladies will either have pain not controlled by the epidural alone, nausea/vomiting, or itching issues. Hallelujah, my lady had NONE of these. When I was receiving report on her the first thing out of the nurse's mouth was, "You will love this couple. They are so sweet, funny, and a joy to take care of." Praise God! They were the nicest couple and the husband had a great sense of humor. I have kind of a dry/sarcastic sense of humor and he totally got it. I am actually sad that I am not working tomorrow so I could take care of all of these wonderful patients I had today.

On top of it all, I also worked with some great girls. Lydia who keeps me laughing. I swear the two of us could talk allllllll day about the color of the sky. Stephanie is so calm and just something about her, when I work with her, it's always nice and peaceful. Then Christine who ALWAYS makes me laugh. Toni and her stories about her daughter, Emily, and how I get to relive my college years vicariously through her. So fun! BUT.....the best part is that we got to talk forever about DWTS and analyze ALL of the dancers. haha!

So, that was my "gift from above" type of day. I seriously believe and know that God knows what we need. He knows when we are about to reach our breaking point and will give us a break. You may completely disagree with everything I say, but it's what gets me through this crazy, lovely, fantastic, sometimes stressful life of mine. Like my friend Leigh-Taylor just told me (who I also asked to pray for me) "we need these type of days to make us want to come back." So true, LT! So True!!!

Plus, I am so thankful to have parents that I can call in an instant and ask for prayers. I know they have sheltered me through life and I wouldn't have it any other way. Like Lydia's quote today to her parents that goes something like this...NEVER STOP ENABLING ME FOR I WOULD BE LOST WITHOUT YOUR LOVE! I just love this quote. You can never love your kids too much!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Okay, so I am a little frustrated today. WHY is it so hard for people to do their jobs right? I mean, really! Come on!!! I think I have been experiencing a lot of incompetent people lately and today just finally sent me over the edge. I went to Toyota to get my oil changed which normally only takes 30 minutes on a bad day. An hour later, I am still sitting there. So I get up to only see my car sitting there on the drive. I asked the girl who had been helping me why my car was sitting there, how long had it been sitting there, and why haven't they called me. Normally they call my name, I pay, and then they pull my car around. So God knows how long it had been sitting there. She said she didn't know what had happened, apologized, and told me that she would take $5 off my price, big whoop. But, at least she was making an effort. THEN, she said, "they said your air filter needs to be changed." It was checked on some sheet. I asked her, "Why didn't they tell me this while my car was pulled back like they normally do? What's the point in checking it off on a sheet and then telling me when I am about to walk out the door?" Of course she just stared at me like a deer caught in head lights. I was firm, but never raised my voice. Of course, again, she had no answer. I know people are human and make mistakes, but come on. Some common sense would be nice. I had my debit card out ready to pay and she said there would be no charge today. Which honestly, I would almost rather pay because I wasn't making a scene to get a free oil change. I was making a point so it wouldn't happen to me again or another customer. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I treated my patients like this they would die! What if I just ignored that my patient was bleeding too much or her blood pressure was too high? Would I still have a job or a live patient, NO! Okay, I feel a little better now.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Livin' in a Country Song

This week has probably been one of the worse weeks I have had in a while. In the grand scheme of things and in relation to other people's problems I know my problems are nothing, but still...

The other night when Morgan and I were saying our prayers it was his turn and this is what he said, "Dear Lord, Why? Why did our dishwasher decide to flood part of the kitchen? Why did our heater decide to quit working? Why did our electric blanket decide to quit working? Why?" I must say when these words came out of his mouth I couldn't help but smile and think to myself, "that sounds like a country song, all we need is for Lillie (our dog) to run off." Earlier in the week we were sitting here one night watching TV and thankfully for whatever reason, I got up and went in the kitchen. What did I find? A big pile of soap suds on our wood floors. I then screamed, don't ask me why I screamed because this was absolutely nothing to scream over, and Morgan came running in there. Now this is a new dish washer so this should not be an issue, right? But of course this is the week from hell so it decided to flood onto our wood floors. Not sure what was wrong. We cleaned up the soap suds, which isn't fun if you have ever had to do this because they don't really soak into a towel well. Morgan then some how fixed the dish washer. We haven't had any more problems since that night. Then on Wednesday when I woke up our house was like a refrigerator because when we went to bed the night before it was in the 70's outside so of course we had the AC on. I went to turn the heat back on and nope, not working. UGH! So I thought, okay, that sucks but at least we have our electric blanket and space heater tonight. We'll just shut all the doors to our bedroom and we will be fine. So that night I plug the electric blanket in around 2000 so our bed would be nice and toasty when it was bedtime. Finally it's bedtime and nope, bed nice and FREEZING! Again, UGH! Once again, Morgan some how knew what the issue was, fixed it, and we finally got a toasty bed. This is what lead to Morgan's sweet prayer. I say "sweet" because when he was saying it, he wasn't asking God in a hateful tone, but a very sweet, concerned voice. Which, by the way, I have heard people say that we should never ask God "Why" but I completely disagree. I think it is okay to ask God "Why" when something is happening or something is going wrong because that is part of our human nature.

These three events alone are not why I am saying this week has been miserable. Work has been CRAZY!!! JCAHO is here visiting. These are the people that give us our license to continue being a functioning hospital providing patient care so it is a really big deal. Whenever they come, oh my, it's always crazy. They expect us to know everything about EVERYTHING and it's just not possible!!! On top of them coming, we have had sooooooooo many deliveries and Gyn surgeries. Tuesday when I worked we had 21 deliveries. It was crazy! I love my job but some days are just exhausting, just like all jobs, but what makes our job extra exhausting is that it's not only physical or only mental, it's both. I've said this before, you better know how to manage a million balls in the air at one time without dropping a single one or you will drown. That's the only way to explain it. Also, you better have some GREAT co-workers that know the meaning of "team player" because it's inevitable, 3 of your patients will call at one time needing something. It never fails. Plus, my patients this week seem to be more sick and having more issues going on so that makes it more challenging. I like a challenge, but not when 4/5 have something going on. Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful that we are booming right now because there are so many people that are losing their jobs. I heard that our field of nursing is recession proof because people can't afford to go out to eat or to the movies so they just stay home and well, ya know what happens...haha!

I wrote this blog to tell those that think that my life is so smooth without any bumps, that there are bumps! I don't mind them, I just don't want every week to be like this week. The thing about weeks like this is that it really makes me appreciate every other week that is nice and calm and "vanilla" so to speak. It makes me extra appreciate my patients that just move on along exactly how they are supposed to without any complications.

OH, to top it off, I almost hit our neighbor's dog on the way home. It's a great big dog, same markings as Lillie. I think it's a Mastiff? Not sure. Anyway, he likes to think he's a hot shot and depending on his mood he will chase me as I drive by. Other days he just stares at me. Not tonight. He came darting out and how I didn't hit him I don't know. Now that really would have been the perfect ending to our "country song" type of week. Also, the reason why I am up right now is thanks to someone texting Morgan some stupid joke at midnight....waking me up!!! Yes, we will have a talk about this in the morning. :)