Sunday, September 20, 2009


Friday morning when I was leaving for work, the last thing I saw before walking out the door was Lillie all snuggled in her bed. The first thing I saw when walking outside was Layla sitting on two pieces of wood on our back porch. Here lately that's where she's been sleeping. The sight of Layla sitting on two pieces of wood made my heart sad. I have the biggest heart for animals and there is no way I could be a vet. Anyway, so yesterday was Lillie's birthday. Lillie decided that instead of her getting a gift (we gave her two treats yesterday instead of one, haha!) she wanted Layla to get a little bed. Wasn't that so sweet of Lillie? :) So Morgan and I went to Pets Mart to find Layla a little bed. All the while Morgan is saying to me, "she's a 'barn cat' she doesn't need a bed." I didn't listen, I just kept on shopping for a new bed for Layla. We get home and I put it on the back porch and sit her in it, where she then bolts from it. I did it again, she bolted again. Lillie, however, had not problem getting in it and checking it out for herself. Morgan told me that she needed to sniff it and that she's a "barn cat" and probably won't lay in it. I was sad. If she only knew how soft it was, she'd stay in it forever!! We left her alone and went inside. So about an hour later I peeked out the window and what did I see? Layla-Bayla laying in her little bed. Morgan didn't believe me. He thought I was just making it up. He had to get up and look for himself. Then, what did I see this morning? Layla still laying in her bed. She LOVES it. I turned to Morgan this morning and said, "Now aren't you glad that I bought a little bed for our 'barn cat'!" :) Here's a picture of her in it...please ignore the wood and screws on our back porch. We are in the process of hanging a new screen door.

She was in the process of "pawing" it so that's why she looks funny. When she lays in it, it fits her perfectly. Now I can sleep a little better at night knowing our sweet Layla-Bayla is sleeping more comfy!! She might be the most spoiled "barn cat" in Collin County.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

♥ Lillie Bear ♥

I did this for Morgan so I had to do one for Lille Bear, too!! :) Other then the fact that she has more pharmacy drugs prescribed to her than I do...ugh!!! She's worth it. Also, I think I am hugging Lillie Bear a little bit tighter today since Jessica Simpson's dog was taken by a coyote. Laugh if you want, but our little puppy dogs are like our babies to us that haven't had our own sweet peas yet.

Ten Reasons Why Lille Bear is the best dog ever...

1. The way she puts her paw on my leg when she's sitting next to me.

2. The way she lays her head on my arm like I am her pillow.

3. She's always happy to see me.

4. She is the best little puppy dog in a bath. Mainly because she knows she's getting a treat afterwards. :)

5. She is always "ready to go." Poor thang spent most of her first couple years "on the go," so that's all she knows. She gets bored if she's at one place too long.

6. She loooooves her Grandad!!!! He is her favorite person. Although we joke that he went to the truck the day I got her because he didn't agree with me getting her. Now they are best buds and Grandad misses her when she's not around.

7. She's a smart little dog, knows phrases, commands, and tricks.

8. She makes me laugh. When she's doing something bad and I say no, she gives me this look and then does it again. It makes me laugh, but she does get time out for it.

9. She's never has "accidents" in the house. Double :)

10.When Lillie and Morgan are sitting on the couch together, it's the sweetest thing ever.


It's time to give "props" to my sweet Cowboy who makes me smile every day, even the days I am mad at him...which are few and far between.

Ten Reasons Why I Love Morgan Dyer...

1. I know that man loves me with all of his heart. There's an unconditional love there that I have only seen from my immediate family.

2. He would do anything in the world for me no matter what time of the day it is.

3. When he isn't feeling good or something is wrong, the gentle way he responds to my question of, "Are you okay?"

4. He is always making up goofy songs about me and the country that make me laugh so hard.

5. He can only tolerate my singing for so long before he tells me it's "quiet time."

6. He helps around the house without me even having to ask...takes trash out, helps put dishes away, helps do the laundry and fold clothes.

7. He makes me feel so "girly."

8. I could gain a 100 pounds and he would still act like I have only gained 1 pound.

9. The way he looks after Lillie. He talks to me like Lillie is "in the way," but he looks after her and takes such good care of her!!

10.When I see him with Davin or other children or holding babies, I know some day he will make a GREAT daddy to our children.

Love you Morgan! Thank you for being the great husband that you are!! Muah!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mud Boots & Rainy Days

Let me start with telling you that Morgan is sitting right next to me laughing at me that I am blogging about this. I told him, "Everyone else blogs about random stuff, why can't I?" So here it goes...

So as we all know, it has been "rainy days" these past few days. I know many are getting sick of it, my husband included, but I LOVE it!!! I love it for several reasons, getting to take naps and not feel guilty about it, staying in all day and doing nothing and not feeling guilty about it, cuddling up under the covers and watching a movie, etc. but most of all I love it because it means I get Morgan all to myself because it's too wet to do hay and luckily this was his weekend NOT to work!! WOOHOO!

So yesterday morning I drug myself out of bed. Yes, it sucked because getting up at 0445 on any Saturday morning when you know everyone else is sleeping in doesn't tend to make me "smile." It's even worse when it's a rainy Saturday morning. Thankfully, I got off work around noon. Our nephew, Davin, was supposed to have a football game the other night but it got rained out and moved to Saturday afternoon. So Morgan waited for me to get home and we went a little late...which I didn't complain too much about because it was rainy. So we pull up to the football field where there is NO parking!! We had to park right up next to the school buses where it was sooooooooooooo muddy!!!! Thank goodness Morgan has a 4x4 truck or I am pretty sure we would STILL be sitting there today. It was a big ole muddy mess. As we were walking up to the game, walking through huge mud holes and me only wearing tennis shoes I say to Morgan, "Remember ALL of those times I wanted to buy me some Mud Boots but you said, 'You don't need those! You will never wear them,' and I put them back on the shelf, THANKS BUDDY!" He started laughing. I, however, was not laughing as I was stomping through the mud!! Let me rewind, Morgan and I sometimes go to Tractor Supply for random things and they have always had these really cute mud boots. On several occasions I have wanted to buy me some and Morgan would never let me. Not that he wouldn't, but when he said I didn't need them, I thought maybe he was right so I would put them back. Then one day at Target they had some really cute green mud boots and once again I wanted to buy them, but Morgan said I didn't need them. So as I am stomping through the mud and get to the stands where the rest of our family is sitting, what do I see? MY SISTER IN LAW WITH HER REALLY CUTE, PINK-STRIPED, MUD BOOTS ON!!!! after the game we went straight to Tractor Supply to buy me some Mud Boots. I really wanted the solid pink boots but they had some funky strap on them so these are the Mud Boots I decided to buy...FINALLY...

I love my new navy blue Mud Boots!!! Then while we were walking around I saw these gloves that I just had to have...

There is no way Morgan could say "No" to these because after all, they are John Deere!! :)

After we got home we cuddled all afternoon, I took a two hour nap which really worried Morgan because I NEVER take a 2 hour nap. Then we went to dinner, came home and watched BABY MAMA! Let's say Morgan watched it. I fell asleep half way through despite Morgan trying to keep me awake by shaking me and yelling at me, "Stay Awake!" I guess he finally gave up because I crashed! He won't tell me how the movie ended. He says I have to watch it for myself since I fell asleep on him. LOL!

So while all of you are hating these rainy days, I am LOVING it because I finally get more "Morgan" time and I finally got my Mud Boots!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Okay, I can't stand it anymore...I have been trying to wait until the first of October to blog about my favorite month and how excited I am that it has finally made its arrival again, but I can't wait. I absolutely LOVE October for so many reasons. Sometimes I wish it could be October all year long, but then I would never fully appreciate a month that was here to stay forever. Just the wonderful colors of October make me fall in love with this month. So as we are approaching October, fully enjoy all it has to offer...

~Hay Rides
~Cooler Weather
~Carving Pumpkins
~Cute Kids in Halloween Costumes
~Color of the Sky
~Cowboy Games
~"Friday Night Lights"
~Cuddling under Blankets
~Smell of a Fire Place
~Brilliant Colors of the Leaves
(Yellow, Red, Orange, Brown)
~Driving through Fallen Leaves
~Wearing short sleeves or long sleeves
and being equally Comfortable
~Rainy Days
~Opening Blinds and it not
Heating up the House
~Scare Crows
~Bags & Bags of Candy
~Haunted Houses

I'm sure all of you can think of many more reasons to enjoy this month so whatever they are, enjoy it! After all, we only have this month for 31 days a year!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


The number 41 might mean different things to different people today. For instance, someone might be turning 41 today, another person might have 41 days left until vacation, another person might have 41 days until their loved one returns home. But, 41 today represents the number of years my parents have been married. :) I had to email my dad and ask him the number of years and he replied with, "41 short years." I just thought that was so sweet. He then told me that I would be 71 by the time Morgan and I have been married 41 years. That just seems like forever away for me. My parents, to me, represent everything a loving, happy, Christian marriage should be. Don't get me wrong, I know they have had their not so good days, especially with raising me and my brother. I remember one day my parents were having an argument (please mom and dad don't get upset for me telling this to the world...) and they weren't raising their voices or anything, but I could tell something was not right between them. I am guessing I was around 8 years old. I was so scared and afraid they were going to get a divorce. I was asking my mom if they were getting a divorce and she said, "No, we will NEVER get a divorce!" I still remember that to this day. I think that situation taught me you can have arguments, disagreements, fights with your spouse, but that doesn't mean either of you are walking away. My parents still have that happy marriage that you rarely see these days. When my dad comes home from work or before he leaves, he walks over and kisses my mom either "hello" or "good-bye." They are the best example I could ever have on how to live 41 happy years with Morgan. Thank you mom and dad for being such a strong couple and always being there for Brian and Me. Since Morgan and I got engaged on y'alls anniversary...even though Morgan had no clue that he was dropping down on one knee on y'alls anniversary...we have nothing but hope we will make it to 41 years together!!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Butterflies & Bumble Bees

Today I worked and over all it was a great day. I was fortunate enough to have really great patients and patients that made my job easy and enjoyable. One of my co-workers had it a little bit different. Can't really go into detail but our secretary noticed that this nurse was a little stressed...which I would've been to if I had to deal with what she was dealing with...and told us that anytime we are stressed or need to count to 10 we should take a deep breath and as we are doing it say "butterflies in" and then exhale and say "bumble bees out." I thought that was so cute. Just that visual of that is calming and makes me smile. The best part was that our manager was standing there listening to this conversation and had this nurse do it with her and was doing the hand motions that go with taking a deep breath and saying, "butterflies in" and exhaling "bumble bees out." It was so funny! It might not have actually de-stressed this nurse, but it sure gave her a good laugh! So the next time you are stressed or need to count to 10 because you might feel like killing someone think of this...

Inhale and say, "BUTTERFLIES IN..."

Exhale and say, "Bumble Bees Out!!"