Monday, January 31, 2011

Layla's Slightly Spoiled

This weekend I was down visiting my parents and my dad was informing me about how the weather was going to take a turn towards the worst this week-tomorrow to be exact. We were talking about Layla, our outside cat. For an outside-barn-country cat, she's become slightly spoiled. Layla gets fed at the same time every day and still has her little bed on our back porch. We change her towels out that are in her bed when they get cold or wet. So my dad and I were discussing the concern we have for her when the temperatures drop to the teens with the wind chill factor around 0 degrees. I told my dad that I wouldn't mind putting Layla in our back laundry/junk room, but how would she go to the bathroom? It's not like it is with Lillie where we let her outside, tell her to do her business, she does, and then comes right back in. Layla would be like, "Huh??? I don't' understand. I'm a cat, not a DOG!" So my dad made Layla a litter box and sent it home with me. Well I brought it home and was telling Morgan all of this. The weather always seems to be worse out here than in the city. The roads can be semi-okay in the city, but hit our 5 mile country road and you better pray, cross your fingers, drive super slow, drive with both hands (yes, this is not the norm for me), and hope you make it to your house while driving on this curvy, one lane country road. Remember when it snowed a few weeks ago? Well...this was our house 5 days later...

while Plano, Frisco, Fort Worth, etc snow had melted, we still had a winter wonderland to deal with. It was sooooo bizarre. Anyway, so tonight it was time to grab Layla and bring her inside. Morgan said she was probably already in the barn. I opened the back door and was like, "Nope, she's right here!" So I scooped her up, loved on her, and put her in the backroom. I then turned off the light and left her alone. Well Morgan then tells me how she's an outside cat and asked me something about haven't I ever seen on TV how cats tear up rooms??? And, he informed me she will most likely start crying. So after a little while I decided that maybe I should check on Layla to make sure she hasn't torn anything up and this is what I saw...

yeah, she's really sad and out of control in there!!! ;)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Stranger...Does Not Always Equal Danger!

Well, blogger world...HELLO!! I really just feel like I haven't really had much to post about lately. I've had unnecessary drama in my life and thankfully it's over. I didn't let it still my JOY thanks to some pretty great friends in my life!! Why do we tend to focus on the ONE bad thing and overlook alllllllllll the other amazing things??? Well I am happy and blessed...and right now that's all that matters!! :-)

So onto my day today. By the time you get threw reading this you might think I am crazy, but that's okay. I AM! Haha! I think differently than most. I tend to think that God has a big hand in my life where others just might consider it a "coincidence." Today I had to go for a CT scan to see if my hernia was back. When I got there they told me that I was going to have to drink a cup of stuff, wait 30 minutes, drink another cup, wait 30 minutes and then they would do my procedure. I was thinking, "GREAT!! I should have brought my Kindle...what was I thinking??? What am I going to do for an hour...stare at the wall??? Everyone else in here has someone with them/someone to talk to, I have no one." Sorry, kinda threw myself a mini pity party. Well little did I know that God was going to bless me today with a sweet older black lady to talk to. The nurse was going to have me sit in this one section, but because I requested a magazine, he moved me to this tiny little section sitting across from this older black couple. Now when I say "older" I'm talking about my parents age. (No offense mom & dad!! Y'all are still super young in my eyes!!) Looking at them...and looking at would think we'd have nothing in common. Well her husband had to go back and get his IV started, get his procedure done, etc. It took some time. As I was reading my magazine, she started talking to me about how sleepy she was and how they might ask her to go to the car if she starts snoring. I started laughing and before you knew it, we were just a chattin' away like we were long lost friends. She talked about how much her husband snores at night, I did too. She talked about her daughter, her son, and that her husband had been diagnosed with lung cancer a few years back but was now cancer free. I just assumed they were there to have a scan done to make sure he was still healthy. You could tell she was a strong Christian lady. Before you knew it, my hour flew by. By the time her husband was done, it was my turn to go back. I told her that it was SO good to talk to her and she walked over, patted me on the back and said, "Have a blessed day!" I can't help but think God had a little hand in helping my time pass a little faster!!

Do you ever feel like you are wearing a sign that says, "Please tell me your life story!" ??? Some days are like that for me. Complete strangers will tell me all about themselves, but I don't mind. Today I went to the bank to cash a check for Morgan. I wasn't sure if I could since it was made out to him so I asked the first guy I saw when I walked in the door. Next thing you know, I'm talking to two of the men/employees. One's telling me all about how he used to live in California, but now lives in McKinney. He has to drive to Anna when he has parties to get his alcohol since McKinney is dry...then he semi freaked out and told me, "Please don't think bad of me or that I am an alcoholic." I said, "Well actually, you sound like a pretty fun guy!!" Then the other guy started telling me how his wife is a Parkland NICU nurse, they live in Anna, have 3 kids, and really want to sale their house to move closer to her work. So me wanting to cash a check lead to me finding out information about two complete strangers...I love my life...seriously, I do!!

The other day I posted on facebook about how the older generation seems to just strike up conversations with each other like they are long lost friends, when in fact they are complete strangers. I had this happen twice to me today and it made my heart happy!! What a better world this would be if we would all get our noses out of our phones, computers, etc. and acknowledge the people around us and get to know them!! This world would be a friendlier place, that's for sure!!