Tuesday, May 31, 2011

4th of July Wreath

Fun in the Sun!!

This weekend ended up with me getting lots of pool side fun and sun! Sunday we went over to my brother in law's house where they have a pool. We grilled out and had fun swimming. You might remember me posting pics last year of my husband sliding down a slide, etc. We had lots of fun, especially the boys...Morgan, Matt (Morgan's brother), and Davin (our nephew). It got to the point where we had to tell them that if they couldn't play nice, well then one of them would have to get out of the pool. It's so interesting to me how you can throw 3 boys, yes boys, into a pool and it turns into them trying to pull each other's pants off, ganging up on each other, tearing goggles off each other's face, holding the blow tube while the other is trying to swim and breathe under water, etc. But if you threw 3 ladies, yes ladies, in a pool, you would see NONE of that. You would probably see us gathered in a little circle chatting. None of that other non sense going on! It's truly amazing to me that we can co-exist with these animals in this world!! ;) They also decided that they would practice fishing in the pool. Like my friend said, "You might be a Redneck if..."

I also got to go see some people I haven't seen in FOREVER!!! My longest friend-Holli-I have known for 29 years. Her parents and my parents were super close when we were growing up so her parents are like my second set of parents. I feel so comfortable around them. Even though I hadn't been down to their house in over 3 years, there was that instant comfort level there when I walked in...like I am walking into my own parents home. They live in Granbury and really have an amazing home and "set up" out there. It's like a mini resort...seriously!!! Pool, pool cabana with a swinging bed, etc. I love it out there! So relaxing!!! Holli's little girl, Tatum...

is my little buddy! Love her to pieces!! I swear Holli must always talk to her about me, or something, because every time she sees me it's like she just saw me yesterday. Instantly running up to me giving me a hug. I love it! She stuck by my side ALL DAY yesterday!!! I was her little playmate in the pool for probably at least 4 hours and she was my little "5 yo workout!!" I loved every second of it though, all though my arms are a little sore today. It was fun!! The sweetest moment to me was when we were about to pray before we ate dinner and she ran around the little island and grabbed my hand. Ahhh, just melted my heart! My second favorite moment of the day involves Wyatt. Wyatt is Holli's little boy who will be 2 yo in July. He's got the same blond hair as Tatum and is just so stinkin' cute!! Well, basically he wants nothing to do with me so I just don't even try to play with him. He will look at me from across the table and smile, but that's about it. He did come and sit by me on the floor, but I didn't dare try and love on him. Well right when I was about to leave Tatum gave me a big hug bye and then all of the sudden Wyatt ran around to me and said, "Bye!" Which surprised us all! I asked him if I could give him a hug and he ran up to me and let me hug him. Ahhhh, these really are the sweetest kids! Holli said I better take that hug because it rarely happens. I felt so special. :) I was sad that Morgan had to work and couldn't go with me. I really want him to get to know these people because they are just good-solid-fun-Christian people! We are planning on going out on the 4th of July and I can hardly wait!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Yesterday, my sweet husband brought me roses just because he loves me! This was after I made him turn around when he was almost home from work and drive back to Target to get Lillie dog food because I didn't realize we were completely out...and then he brings me roses. We've had some ups and downs lately (like every couple) and it's actually made us stronger and made me realize how much I love him! I hate those poeple who pretend like everything is "happy happy joy joy" when in reality it's not. No one's life is like that all the time!! They weren't lying when they said marriage is "work." Just thankful to have a partner who's equally willing to work on it like me. :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Miss Landry!

Seriously, does it get much cuter than this?? She has the most kissable-lovable head and don't forget about those scrumptious cheeks! Her cuteness is almost too much! Then add in her sweet little demeanor and the way she wakes up smiling...OH MY!! I couldn't stop kissing that little semi-bald head of hers. Cutest thing ever!! I got to hold her and play with her a lot so I was happy! She even let her mama (Jill) go to the bathroom. I just sat her on the table in front of me and talked to her and made faces at her. She smiled...A LOT!! So Dear Lord, when you bless me with my baby (twins I'm sure of it) will you please send me two just like her?? Thanks in advance! ;-) Down below is Jill feeding her. This baby barely fusses, even when she's starving. Then she was just a talking away after she ate and when we were about to leave. She just makes me smile!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nice Surprise!

Today was one big nice surprise, for the most part. Today I got off work early. Might I add it's a gorgeous Saturday to get off work early?? We had tons of discharges which left us with only three patients. So we transferred them to the other unit and close our side. :) This made me happy because I wanted to go to my mother in law's jewelry party she was having this afternoon. I swear, I can have a multitude of days off and not one thing planned. No invites to anywhere. But schedule myself to work an entire weekend and BAM, get invited to three different things. Really sucks at times! Anyway, I got to go over to my mother in law's where I ran into one of my favorite cousins, Brooke. Didn't know she was going to be there.

How cute is she?? Oh I just loooove that belly of hers. I couldn't stop touching it. Plus, Rhyder was moving around so I got to feel him. So neat!! I'm so excited that she lives only a few miles from me now so I hope I will get to see more of her and that sweet baby boy.

After the jewelery party, Morgan was off work and I have been wanting to go to In-N-Out Burgers up here. Don't ask me why. I have no idea why. I've had them in California and I don't remember them being that special. Kincaid's and Mooyah are both so much better! It will probably be a really long time before we go back, but it was still fun to go.

This was after an hour of waiting in line. It took us a total of one and a half hours to get through this line and receive our cheeseburgers & fries. We realized we could have driven to Fort Worth in this time and had a decent burger. Oh well! It was kind of fun and exciting to see ALL of the people there. Of course they had police directing traffic. Of course we saw a few people try to cut in line, but they were kindly told to GET OUT and GET AT THE END OF THE LINE!!! I'm sure the police officer didn't say it like that, but I would've. ;) I took pictures, but my phone is as slow as molasses tonight so I couldn't upload them. I will say this, you can't beat the price!

Anyway, so what I thought was going to be a day stuck at work for twelve hours...actually turned into me getting to see Brooke & hang out with my husband. Nice Surprise!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CCD-Wine Glasses!

(Ughhhhh! This picture is pure motivation to lose weight!!! Why is it I can look "okay" in one picture and "not okay" in the next?? Happiness has made me fat...well I'm going to look at this picture every time I don't want to go to the gym for pure motivation! Plus, I'm standing next to the skinniest person there. I need to remember not to do that again!!!)

Today was a little stressful for us all at Craft Craze Day! All though we still had fun. Three of the five of us are big wine drinkers. Savita and I like wine, but don't drink it quite so often as the other girls. No, the other girls are not lushes or anything, just saying they know more about wine than the two of us. Anyway, it turned out to be a little more difficult than we thought it would be. Savita had bought stencils for us to use...and we failed miserably at using them. Want to know what we ultimately used to design our wine glasses besides a paint brush? Savita's children's pencil erasers. I knew I wanted to design mine with flowers all along so I made little flowers. The other girls were smart and quick to catch on as to how easy and cute my glass was, so they also made flowers. Even though we all used the same idea, they all look so different and so adorable! I just love our wine glasses!! Nina...as always...whipped out 3 wine glasses before most of us were starting our second one. I mean, I don't know how the girl does it! It's truly amazing. One second I look over and her glass is empty, the next it's got a gorgeous design on it! Truly impressive!

Another perk to CCD...besides the pure enjoyment & laughter that comes with being around these 4 girls, is the drinks and food!! These girls can cook! Lydia brought an alcoholic beverage called "Pink Bikinis" that had us all dreaming of laying on a beach. BUT, Savita's gorgeous pool should be done this weekend so we all see many of summer days with us lounging around her pool with a Pink Bikini in our hand! :-) The kind you drink, of course!! Not the kind you wear! Savita had fruit with a really good fruit dip. Nina had brought a dip and wanted to use us as "Ginny pigs." Thank goodness she did because it was so delicious!! Couldn't really tell you what was in it right now, but it was amazing! I brought stuff to make these sandwiches my mom makes called Brittany Sandwiches. You take a croissant, a medium cut piece of ham, a tablespoon of applesauce, and Swiss cheese. Put them together and then bake for 15 minutes!! So easy and very yummy!!

Anyway, even though it was stressful, it was also lots of fun!! We poke fun at each other and laugh a lot! I've been meaning to write a disclaimer for my previous post about the no kid thing. I just want y'all to know that I am really okay! I went to lunch with one of my best friend's, Stacey, a couple of days ago and I told her that if our biggest concern is having kids, then we are doing good! I feel like I have a full life just as it is and a child would just be an added bonus. I see so many people that have their families (husband & kids), but yet have no life. They have no friends. They go no where. They do nothing. That is not the life for me at all! I absolutely love my freedom and friends! I love how I can just go to the movies whenever I want with whomever I want. I can have my girlfriend lunches all the time. Workout with my best friend. Morgan and I can have a date night every night if we wanted to. My life is really great!!! So please don't feel bad for me at all!! I'm just so thankful to have some really great friends in my life that let me love on their children like they are my own! God has blessed me in soooo many other ways!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! Today was a great day! Above is me with my little bundle of Joy, aka Lillie Bear! I was kind of nervous of today. I've been a big ball of tears the past two days...for several reasons that I won't get into. There are days that I want kids so bad my heart hurts, my arms ache to hold the babies that I believe are yet to come. Then there are days where I am so thankful to only have to care for myself. It's really an emotional roller coaster and I am so thankful to have friends that don't say, "YOU will get through this," but they say, "WE will get through this!!" I seriously have the BEST friends I could ever ask for. One of my friends told me the other day that she can't wait for the day where she and I can hold my babies and we can cry together just thinking of everything I've gone through to get those babies. Just typing that made me tear up. I can just imagine that day and what a great day that will be!! Sometimes I hope it's sooner than later, but ultimately I'm just waiting on God's timing!! The Boss is in charge, thankfully!!
But today I got to hang out with my parents. Had some good Taco Soup, delicious cornbread, and one of my favorite cakes for dessert. We then watched the Mavericks vs Lakers Basketball game. 4-0...we will take it!! The unspeakable-disgusting behavior from the Lakers...not so much! Craziness! I mean, grown men acting like fools. Glad the Mavericks didn't stoop to their level. My mom is a Maverick fanatic!! So it was fun to watch the game with her. I'm so happy that I still have her to celebrate on Mother's Day. I have several friends who have lost their moms, including my mom who lost hers a year before I was born, and I can't imagine how difficult this day would be for me if she wasn't here. She's my ultimate best friend and I am so blessed to call her, "Mom!"

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three Years!

How has it already been 3 years since I married this cutie pie??? I still remember that day so clear! Best day of my life!! We still have people tell us how fun our wedding was...STILL! I have to admit...and brag...it was a blast!! I mean, when you're partying so much and you basically only remember to cut the wedding cake because your father reminds you as you're passing him in a Congo line...that's a party! :-)

This year we really didn't have any plans to celebrate our anniversary like we have the past two years. Mainly because his work got in the way. I had a friend at work tell me about the Hilton on Lake Ray Hubbard. About how it had little shops and restaurants within walking distance, has a light house, and just how "cool" it was. Boy was she right...especially about the COOL part. It was more like freezing to me. IN MAY! CRAZY!!! The picture above was taken outside at the Hilton down by the lake when it was 48 degrees. It was a really nice hotel and nice area in general. It's in Rockwall right off I30. I'd recommend it to anyone for a little one night getaway...just go when it's warmer so you can thoroughly enjoy yourselves! They also have a really nice pool, but no way were we getting in it!

The next morning we got up, ate a really nice breakfast and then headed to the Dallas Arboretum. I've been wanting to go for EVER and since my aunt has a free year pass, we got to go for free. :) I have to admit, the day before when it was dreary and raining ALL.DAY. I might have had a little break down. I was really sad. But, Morgan assured me that the weather was supposed to be really nice the next day and it really didn't matter as long as we were spending time together. Boy was he right! The weather was GORGEOUS! Couldn't have asked for nicer weather. Made for a perfect day at the Arboretum. After that, we drove downtown and had lunch at Old Spaghetti Warehouse. My favorite restaurant as a child. Then we went to the Dallas Aquarium because he had never been. I had been once, but they redid it and it was so nice! That boy has some EYES! He always tells me this, but he seriously does. He can spot things so fast! You know those little windows with small little reptiles they want you to find but they are hiding...well he finds them in 2 seconds! It's a really neat place to go, especially if you have kids.

After that, Morgan wanted to go to the Dallas Zoo, but I wasn't up for it. Mainly because I've been and it isn't that nice. Especially when I am used to the Fort Worth Zoo. So we came home and I took a nap. We were going to ask one of my best friends and her husband if they wanted to go to dinner, but for some reason we thought Grandy's was a better choice. LOL! Mainly because I was too tired to get back out and drive to town.

So that's how we celebrated our 3 year mark! Wow! Time is just a flying by!!! Can't believe it's already been 3 years...before I know it we will be at the 30 mark! It's true, the older you get the faster time flies
by! Slowwwwww Downnnnnn!!!