Thursday, June 3, 2010

Boring? Okay, Maybe not so Boring!

I've had several people ask me why I haven't blogged about anything in a while. I just told them that my life has been boring and not much to talk about. But as I was pulling pictures for this particular blog post, I realized that I have had things filling my life. I guess I just don't take pictures like I used to since I have gained weight and so that leads me to not blog. I like pics to help describe what's happened and so since the pics aren't happening, neither are the blog posts.

Anyway, for our 2 year Anniversary Morgan and I decided on San Antonio. My parents used to take us there every year as we were growing up and it had been many years since I have been back. We stayed on the Riverwalk at the Drury Plaza. We highly recommend it!! Full blown hot fresh breakfast-buffet style every morning. Then from 5:30-7pm they have what's called a "kick back" where you get appetizers and 3 free alcoholic drinks. They always have fountain drinks and pop corn for free 24/7 so that was also nice. We went to Sea World, walked the Riverwalk, and stumbled upon the Alamo. I say, "Stumbled" because we had no intentions visiting it. I realize that might sound awful, it's just that I had been there a million times and so I didn't see the need to visit it again. Well we "stumbled" upon it and wow, it's so much smaller than I remember as a child!!! We also went to the mall and watched a 3D movie about the Ocean. It was really cool. I surprisingly forgot my camera...remember, the weight issue...and so sadly this is our only picture from our trip...
We've also recently had the chance to go to a Ranger's Game...for FREE!! :) Plus, it was $1 Hot Dog Night. :) My cousin's husband called me one afternoon and asked me if we wanted to go to the Ranger's Game that evening. Sure! Haven't been in a loooong time. Used to go a lot when Pudge was our catcher. Anyway, he wanted to surprise my cousin with us-he had told her some men from his work were going instead of us-since we hadn't seen her in a while. So that was fun! We had GREAT seats. Along the 3rd baseline about 20 rows up! The type of seats where you have to pay attention to the game or you might get smacked in the head by a foul ball. Thankfully Morgan took his role seriously when my cousin told the boys, "Y'all better pay attention and not let us get hit by a ball!!" Every time a ball came our way my sweet husband was instantly up out of his seat with his baseball hat flipped off his head trying to catch a ball. He's so cute!! By the way, we ran into my cousin on the Riverwalk while we were in San Antonio. How crazy is that?!? We can't even purposefully run into each other in the Metroplex, but go to another city and be there for about 30 minutes and BAM...there she is. Anyway, the pic below is from the Ranger's Game...which is why I look a sweaty Hot Mess!!

When I married Morgan, I gained an amazing family!!! I love everyone from his parents to his distant family. Brooke is one of Morgan's cousins. I feel like she's almost a little sister to me. Brooke has 3 brothers and is yet still very girly. But don't let her fool you, she drives a truck. ;) Well Brooke turned 21 recently so we went out to dinner and boot scootin' to celebrate. It was lots of fun!! This is Brooke...HOW CUTE IS SHE?!? LOVE HER!!!

One day I came home and we had 2 horses in our yard that had been moved from the barn. Then Morgan tells me one of them is pregnant. UGH!!! Really?!? I'm just going to be blunt-I was terrified to walk outside or look outside when I was home alone for fear of seeing a baby horse hanging out of its mother!!! I'm sure there was a better way/more polite way I could have said that, but those were my exact thoughts!! Yes, I realize I take care of mom's after they have babies...key word is AFTER!!!! Anyway, we don't have a name yet for the little guy. Actually, I heard that Davin wanted to name him Diego and Matt wanted to name him when she has another one he can name that one Ernie. Who knows! So here is our new addition to our world...

This past Sunday we went over to Matt and Melissa's to cook out and swim. M&M some how got a new dog...the one on the right...

Well this little guy is like the energizer bunny when it comes to barking...just keeps going and going and going...every time someone jumped in the pool he would stand on the side of the pool and BARRRRRRRRKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! He targeted Morgan the most. I guess he thought Morgan couldn't swim or was going to drown, or maybe he just liked his blue swim shorts, but he would jump in after Morgan and try and rescue him. This usually ended with him biting Morgan in the head. Thankfully, Morgan had not listened to me the numerous times that week when I told him he needed a haircut because he had plenty of "fluff" between his scalp and the dogs teeth!! The dog looked like Jaws coming after him. It was actually quite funny! Morgan also enjoyed the slide. Apparently no one informed him of the correct way to go down a slide. ;-)

Notice Davin having to hold the dog back from biting Morgan in this picture??? That dog is crazy. My mother in law said that Morgan must have looked like a Hot Dog coming down that slide. That's one pasty white Hot Dog, lol!! The only thing tan on that boy are his arms, neck, and face...typical farmer's tan. There's actually a third picture that goes with these but it involves a MOON...if you know what I mean. ;) So that's it for now! Hopefully you'll see me back here sooner than later. :)