Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Have you seen this face before?

Can I just say, I would be a rich woman if I had $1 for EVERY TIME someone says to me, "How do I know you?" or "Are you 'so and so's' cousin?" or "Did you ever work at ___?" or I get this one a lot when a family member says to another, "Doesn't she remind you so much of ..." It's crazy how often people think I am someone else. I would say at work it happens at least once a week, sometimes more. Like yesterday at work, I walked into one of my patient's room and she said, "Do I know you? I know you from some where!" So I started the usual list I give everyone that always says this to me and nope, we have no connection. I must say though, when I walked in her room yesterday morning, I actually thought SHE looked familiar to me, but didn't say anything. The other day I was at Old Navy and the salesman kept looking at me. A little too much that it was creepy. Finally he asked, "Are you Samantha's sister?" Nope, I am not. Don't even know a Samantha. I just think it's kind of funny. I'd love to see all of these people that others tend to think I either am, look like, or remind them of. Guess I just have one of those faces!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Super Cute Chicks

Aren't these just the cutest little fur balls you have ever seen? My sister in law and nephew, along with some other kids, are raising these little chickens for a school project. Morgan and I went over there last night and they are so entertaining. We could have watched them all night. There are 25 of them. My sister in law picked one up for me to hold and it was so sweet. Matt told me to watch one of the ones that was in the center sitting under the light. It was rocking back in forth. Matt said this is what they do when they are falling asleep. Well the little fur ball got to rocking so much that it fell over forward and rolled. It was HILARIOUS!!! Anyway, just another new experience for me living out here in the country. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

3 Things You Should Know...

Do you love chocolate? Do you love Godiva chocolate? Well it's your lucky day!!! All you have to do is stop by a Godiva store, become part of their email list, and you will receive a free chocolate truffle of your choice once a month. I have always loved the Strawberry Cheesecake Truffle. I was on a girls shopping trip this past summer and one of our friends opened our eyes to this new found knowledge of free chocolate. So now every month I make a little stop into Godiva for my free truffle...and usually that free one turns into me buying another truffle. I can't resist. They are so yummy!!!
Are you single? Are you trying to attract men? Or are you a man looking for that perfect gift for the woman in your life? I suggest you buy Viva La Juicy perfume. My cousin, Brooke, had this perfume on last year at a little game night we had. I fell in love with it. I immediately went out the next day to buy me some and had difficulty finding it due to it being new...and popular. I finally found this perfume and have been wearing it ever since. This is the first perfume that I have used all of it and today I went out shopping to buy some more. The sales lady in the perfume section was new, it was her second day on the job. So she had never smelled this perfume before. I sprayed some on my arm and she asked if she could smell it. It was hilarious!! She kept grabbing my arm and smelling me over and over. She then later apologized at the register and she said she was going to have to buy some herself. I always get compliments on this perfume from family, friends, my patients to complete strangers. So thanks, Brooke!!! xoxoxo

Do you have a heavy foot? Do you like to go "a little" over the speed limit? Well if you are like me, the answer is "Yes!" My mom told me a little story about something she had heard. Rebecca on 96.3 was late to work one morning. The officer pulled her over and thankfully she had remembered what someone had told her. If you turn the dome light on in your car and put your hands on the steering wheel (this applies to night time) you are showing the officer that you are not a threat and most likely you will not get a ticket. Well, this worked for me last night...with a state trooper!!! Not sure if he felt bad for me when I told him that I was about to buy a new windshield (explaining why one of my stickers was not on my window, but was in the glove box) and spared me the extra cost of a ticket. Or, if he was happy that I performed this little act. Who knows!!! But I suggest you do it, the officer will appreciate it and hopefully you won't get a ticket!!!!

Wedding Dresses for a Greater Cause!!!!

A few weeks ago I was required by work to go to a class that talks about the death of a baby. It was to educate us on how to assist couples who are dealing with the loss of their infants. I was dreading going to this class. I really didn't see the reason why we (as in post partum) had to go because we don't get these types of patients on our floor. It would be really cruel to send them to a post partum floor where they would see mothers pushing their infants in the hall or hear a baby crying as it is wheeled past her door. These patients typically stay in L&D or go to the antipartum floor. But, just in case we ever do get these patients for whatever reason, we were required to go.

One thing that was discussed in this class was I'm going to quote the website, "It is very difficult to shop for a baby burial garment when a baby dies. For premature babies, it is often difficult to find something small enough. The baby burial gowns and blankets are given to Neonatal Intensive Care Units for babies who die in the neonatal period. They are also given to labor and delivery units for stillbirths." What they do is collect wedding dresses and then make little garments for these precious babies. We each got to see first hand these BEAUTIFUL dresses made from wedding gowns for these precious little infants. I believe they make little tops for the boys as well. I didn't even know something like this existed. What a gift to the parents in their time of great sorrow to see that their little angel from above is dressed in such a beautiful piece of clothing. I was in awe that someone thought to do this for these babies and for their parents.

Our hospital is working on having a "dress" drive for this project. I really want to donate my wedding dress. I don't ever plan on wearing it again. To be honest, I am not that sentimental of a person so why do I need to hang on to it when it can go to a greater cause?!? I haven't even seen my dress since the day I got married. I believe it's still at my parents house. I looooved my wedding dress!! It was my favorite thing about our wedding. I can just see it being used for something greater and what beautiful little dresses it will make for some sweet babies. I hope you understand, Mom. I know you will. :) If anyone is interested in donating a wedding dress, please let me know.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Let me start by saying that I am NOT under the influence of anything. I have only had mango passion fruit tea for dinner. By the time you read this blog, you might think differently.

Tonight Morgan and I were going to eat at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. When we pulled into the parking lot we parked closer to PF Chang's and could tell that The Cheesecake Factory was kind of busy, even though it was only 5:40 pm. We haven't been to PF Chang's in a while and I know how much Morgan loves that place so I asked him if he'd rather go there instead. He said, "Yes." I was kind of sad because I was looking forward to a Chicken Salad Sandwich from The Cheesecake Factory, but I know that we seem to always go where I want to eat so I didn't say anything. When we were seated at dinner there wasn't hardly anyone sitting around us. We preferred a booth, but they were full so we settled in at a table. I believe if we had been seated at a booth, the night would have been different. Sitting at a table you're surrounded by a lot more people, hence the reason why we prefer a booth. As we were eating the restaurant got busier. It quickly seemed to be that we were sitting in the "kids section." We were surrounded by families and their kids. I didn't say anything. I guess I was thinking to myself, "If I don't acknowledge this situation out loud, then it doesn't really exist." Morgan and I had a nice dinner, talking about our first date, what made me know that he was the one, etc. Then he said, "Notice all the kids and families surrounding us? Maybe it's a sign." He then winked at me. Morgan NEVER notices anything like this. Dang it, he said it. He acknowledged it which meant it was real. My response was, "Yes, I noticed. I feel like God is torturing me. Like He's saying 'Look at all these wonderful kids, but you can't have any.' " Yes, as soon as I said it I knew I didn't mean it and I know God isn't like that. Morgan didn't really have much to say to my response. He was probably shocked I would say something like I was kind of surprised at myself, too. Not long after that it was time to open our fortune cookies. Inside I was feeling sad as I was looking at all of the sweet kids seated around us. I said, "What's the point. They don't come true anyway." (You must know, I am not typically negative like this. Just one of those nights.) Morgan opens his fortune cookie first and as he was taking it out of the plastic he said, "Watch it be something about kids." I kind of laughed and said, "That would be funny!" This was his fortune cookie...

It said, "Children." He showed it to me and I ripped it from his hand in disbelief...that's why it's torn. I busted out laughing!!! So much so that those sitting around us turned to look at me. My eyes instantly began to water. Not sure if they were tears of joy, frustration, anger, or amusement. I was laughing so hard!!! I believe that God talks to us if we only listen. I believe that he shows us "signs" throughout our life that He is there for us and is listening to our prayers. I decided in the end to take this fortune as a sign from God that we will some day be one of those couples out to eat surrounded by our little munchkins. I know some of y'all might think I am crazy, but its what gets me through this crazy thing called LIFE!!!

Now onto our sweet Layla Bayla...

I had several people respond to my blog about Layla's new bed that they were worried about it getting wet when it rained since our porch isn't covered. We have been bringing it in when the weather was bad and it always made me feel bad to do this to her. We would have to make Layla get out of her bed and bring it inside. I couldn't do it, I made Morgan do it. So a couple of weeks ago I was on a mission to buy Layla something we could put the bed in to keep it covered. We went to Pets Mart and everything was well over $100. I love her, but I wasn't going to pay that much. Then on the way home Morgan had an idea to try out Tractor Supply. This is what we ended up with...

Do you realize what this is? It's a cat litter box. HAHA! It's the only thing we could find. Poor thing, she has no idea that her bed is what every other cat considers as a "poop box." It works for her. Once again, Morgan said, "She won't get in it." WRONG BUDDY! She got in it and sleeps in it every night. Then I bought this baby girl blanket for her. I wanted something for her to wrap up in when she's in there. Morgan said, "You baby that cat!" Yep, I sure do!!!
While we were at Pets Mart the SPCA had some animals there to buy. Big mistake for me to go look at them. HUGE!!! If it wasn't for Morgan supervising me, I would have walked away with this little playmate for Lillie Bear...
She's soooooo sweet! All the other dogs were barking and she was standing there so sweet. She had been turned in 3 days earlier by her owner because they had too many dogs. As we were walking through Pets Mart I was begging Morgan to get her. I sent this picture to my friend Lydia because she has been looking for puppy dogs for her son. She told me to tell Morgan, "Tell him that you will be saving a life. You are a life saver!!!!" Morgan wasn't falling for it. He said if we didn't have this little puppy dog...

that has quite a few medical bills, we could get her. That dang Lillie Bear!!!! :) Oh well...

Meet Our Children

There is a website called You upload your pictures and it will tell you what your children will look like. No, I don't really think this is what our kiddos will look like, but it was fun to play with. So meet our children...

The picture below is of our sweet Garrett Dyer. Isn't he so cute? Honestly though, I would never stick our child in a bunny suit. This reminds me of one of my favorite movies A Christmas Story where the oldest boy had to try on the bunny suit that someone made for him. Yes, if we have a boy, Garrett is what we will name him. Garrett is after my dad "Gary" and Dyer is Morgan's middle name. We've kind of been told that if we have a boy that will be his middle name. Thankfully, I like it. :)

Now it's time to meet our girl, Natalie. Isn't she so cute? Poor thing, she's kind of got the big forehead going on like her mama. haha!! For the loooongest time I have LOVED the name Natalie and have always said that if I had a girl I would name her Natalie Elisabeth. Well....Morgan walks into my life and guess what, one of his ex-girlfriend's name is Natalie. BOOO!!!!!!!!!! So I thought I would name our fictional baby Natalie since I can't do it in real life. :( I love how dark her hair is & how she almost looks Hispanic. Apparently when I was a baby and still in the hospital, I looked so much like a Hispanic baby that they almost gave me to the wrong mother...oops!!

So that's our two children. Hopefully sooner than later we will get to meet them. In all honestly, I think our lives will be full of chasing little boys all over the place. But oh how I would love to have a little girl to play dress up with, put her in dresses, while Morgan is putting her on a John Deere tractor. I also have a weird feeling that we will have some red heads. When Morgan's got a beard growing out and the sun hits it, you can see red. How cute would a red headed baby be? VERY CUTE!!!