Friday, November 19, 2010

Granny & Nannie

It's funny how I can miss someone that I've never met so much that my heart hurts. God decided that He would take my Granny a year before I was born, so I never got to meet her. Oh how I would give anything to meet the woman that raised my mother-the best woman in the world. I've heard stories about her and for some reason, every time I picture her in my head I imagine her standing in the kitchen, with an apron on, cooking.
Today I went down to my Nannie's house. Technically, she's Morgan's Nannie, but she feels like she's been my Nannie my entire life. So she's "my Nannie." Well I went down there to discuss Dancing With the Stars from this past Tuesday night and to make sure her heart was still beating after the results...there's a whole other story here-that's funny-but I'm not allowed to go into it. Anyway, I walked into her kitchen and there was Nannie standing at her 40+ year old oven/stove mixing some icing for a cake she had just made. On the counter there was also a Pineapple Pie she had also made. Her house smelt heavenly and the sight of her standing there baking was like a little piece of Heaven on earth for me. When she was done putting the icing on the cake she gave me the pan and spoon to lick. :-) We had small talk and when I was leaving she told me how much she loves me coming down and talking with her and I told her that I loved coming down there, too.
It didn't hit me until I was leaving and driving down her driveway and tears started streaming down my face how much she makes me miss my Granny, a lady I never got to meet but love so much. So to you God, even though you took my Granny away from this earth before I was born...Thank You so much for blessing me with sweet Nannie!!! By the way, if you are ever around my mom and my Nannie you will notice how they tend to gravitate towards each other. They both adore each other and this makes my heart happy!!!
***In the picture above, Nannie is the lady in the middle. Her sister & her daughter are also in the picture.***

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hooptie Blue...You give me the Blues!!

I have a whole new appreciation for my Honda Accord! WOW! As thankful I am that my car is fixed, this is what I was STUCK in the past few days...

HOOPTIE BLUE-I named it this because it felt like I was riding in a big ole box and it was blue. No, this is not the actual picture of the rental car.

No offense to anyone who drives this or a minivan. This car is like a mini minivan. Even has the sliding doors to go with it. UGH!!! Kill me now!! One of my besties said, "It's kinda cute." As I'm dying of humiliation. I offered to switch and drive her Lexus until my car was fixed and she could drive this, but funny how she didn't take me up on it, lol. Today when I got in my car I litterally hugged the stearing wheel. Back on the day I got this car as a rental I practically begged the guy for another car, but he said this was all they had. Actually, he offered me the silver one sitting right next to it and in hindsight I should've taken him up on it because it had Misouri license plates. That way if anyone thought they saw me out on the roads in this car they would think to themselves, "No, that couldn't have been Laura. She's not from Misouri." I still don't believe him, but I wasn't going to argue considering it was free to me. Rental cars could at least come with tinted windows to help us save some dignity. After a few hours, I discovered that it has the type of engine where you can switch it to where it's like a manual, but without the clutch. Jackpot! This was the only thing that made this car tolerable. Boy was I hot ridin' around, lookin' like a bullet shootin' down 121. LOL! The thought of this makes me laugh. Anyway, it is a "nice" car if you like the feel of a minivan and the engine is nice...just not my style. So in a strange weird way I am kind of glad I was stuck in this car for a few days because it gave me a great new appreciation for my Honda...something that I might not of had without this lovely experience.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thunder Conversation

Tonight on the way to dinner I was telling Morgan how loud the thunder was this morning at the house. How it was literally shaking the walls of our home. This was the conversation that followed...

Me: "Morgan, what causes thunder?" (I'm dead serious!)
Morgan: "God moving his furniture around."
Me: I give him a look like, "Seriously!!!"
Morgan: He then shakes his head "yes" and has this look in his eyes like he's being 100% serious.
Me: I look away-slightly annoyed.
Morgan: "And when it rains it means God is peeing and when there's a tornado it means that God just flushed the toilet."
Me: I give him a look like he's crazzzy and start laughing.

...and i still don't know exactly what causes thunder.