Monday, March 22, 2010

Deaf? Hard of Hearing? or Selective Hearing?

At the risk of Morgan getting upset at me, I am going to blog about this. It amazes me how his hearing works, or doesn't work, sometimes. I will admit, our conversations involve him saying, "Huh?" and "What?" a lot. So much so that sometimes I just say, "Forget it!" I know it's not me because I can talk to my girl friends a million miles a minute and our conversations never involve HUH and WHAT unless the other person is amazed at what the person just said or wondering if what the person just said could really be true. Those two words are never used because we couldn't hear or understand each other.

EVERY morning when Morgan's alarm goes off I have to wake him up to turn it off. If I didn't do this the alarm would go off forever and he still wouldn't hear it. Then the other night at 3:50 I guess that would be early morning...he wakes me up and tells me my phone has rung twice. So let me get this straight, Morgan can't hear his alarm on his phone going off in the SAME ROOM as us, but he can hear my cell phone ringing that's in the kitchen and our bedroom door is shut to the kitchen?!? Now it's my turn to say, "HUH? WHAT?!?" Crazy I say!! Crazy!!! So I drag myself out of bed to check my cell phone to only see an empty screen that says nothing about missed calls. So I check his work phone and he has two missed calls. (He keeps his work phone in the kitchen at nights.) Why Morgan thought it was MY phone and not HIS phone is beyond my comprehension. How does he not know the ring of his own cell phone?!? Needless to say, I was HIGHLY annoyed at 3:50 am!!!

So my question to Morgan is...are you deaf or do you have selective hearing when it comes to YOUR phone's alarm going off? And are you hard of hearing when it comes to having a conversation with me? All of this really does make me laugh!! He says it's because he's been around farm equipment all of his life so his hearing has gone down the drain. Try having a conversation with his dad...oh my goodness is all I am going to say about that!!! ;)