Monday, April 18, 2011

Lillie Bear

It was 11:00 pm when this picture was taken last night. Normally she would be out cold, snoring. This puppy dog is a new dog! This puppy dog has lost 6 pounds which has transformed her life!! She can now jump on the couch by herself. She lost the ability to do so when she gained weight. The vet switched her medicines for her skin, which decreased her appetite, which has now given her a new found energy. She is almost like she was when she was a puppy. Except this time when I say, "No!" She stops, she doesn't challenge me like she did when she was in her "teenage" years. She also goes for walks now, against her will. She hates the leash...probably because the only time she goes on the leash is when she goes to the vet. I think now she's starting to get that the leash doesn't always equal a trip to Hell. Tonight when I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk she flew off the couch and when she saw me with the leash in my hands, she was jumping up at me to put it on her. The reality of it all, is that she knows she gets a pupperoni when we are finished. I love seeing her like this. She just seems like she feels so much better!! So I guess you can say all those vet bills to find out what was wrong with her were really worth it after all. :)


I like to think I am pretty independent. I wouldn't trade those years for anything that I had alone, paying my own bills, running my own little life, knowing that I am the only one responsible for everything that happened. I've heard people say that girls should never go from living at home with their parents to marriage and I couldn't agree more!!! I feel like every girl should experience life on her own for a little while. I'm not saying don't have a boyfriend, but I mean where you provide for yourself. That way once you get married and if something were to ever happen to your husband, you know how to support yourself. So now that I've done it, I know I can do it in the future if need be. Well, apparently I am too independent. Last week I was driving to workout with a friend and while I was driving down our country road, my car just died. The air conditioner and the radio still worked, but the car itself didn't. OF COURSE it happened on the worst part of that road!!! The MOST dangerous-winding part, but thankfully my car made it to the one and only pull off...if you want to call it that. I'm pretty sure if I left it on the road I would've been hit from behind. After I got off the road, I pulled out the book that comes with the car that informs me of what the indicator lights mean. There were two, the engine and tire pressure. Well that's just great, it could be a number of things with the engine. This car isn't even 2 years old, but does have 60,000 miles on it. So, with a little help of 1411 (thank God for that!) I called the Honda dealer and spoke with someone. They said it could be a number of things wrong. They then gave me a number to call for towing. I called them and they were there in 20 minutes. So in less than 30 minutes I had it all handled. Pat on the back, yay me!! Yeah, not so much. We went to dinner the next night with one of my best friend's and her husband and apparently I really hurt Morgan's pride and should have called him FIRST!! I called him after I called for the towing. He showed up right after the tow guy did. I was informed that I was to call him first...always! He said it was probably just the battery and could have fixed it himself. So we follow my car to the dealer and they say the same's probably the battery. If so, then the towing is covered under warranty, as well as the battery, and I won't have to pay a dime. YAY! The entire time I kept saying it wasn't the battery. I just knew it wasn't the battery! Yep, wasn't the battery. Turns out it was a $900 part...but thankfully is one of the rare parts covered under warranty. They said they would have to order the part and get it in the next day...meaning they will have to keep my car overnight. I asked for a loaner car since not having a car is kind of an issue and if the part is under warranty, they should cover that. He said that since it takes less than 4 hours to fix my car, that a loaner probably wasn't going to happen. I then informed him that since he was going to have to keep my car at the dealer overnight due to it not starting, I think that's a little longer than 4 hours. He then agreed and got me a loaner. :) But is that not common sense to y'all like it was to me??? Anyway, turns out they had my car for 4 days! What they thought was the issue wasn't, it was something else. But since they said they were going to cover the cost from the get go, as well as the towing, they ate the cost!! I'm one lucky girl!! So with all of that said, back to being too independent for my husband's liking. If I would have called him first, he would have come and towed me back to the house, changed the battery, the fuel pump, and it still wouldn't have worked. Would have wasted LOTS of time AND money. Then would have had it finally towed to the dealer. I told my husband that he should be happy that he has an independent wife that doesn't need him for every.little.single.thing. I didn't want to call him and bother him at work, so I just handled it myself...WRONG! So from now on, I think I'll just blow up his phone. ;)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New & Improved

Today Stephanie posted a picture of her completed wreath. She wanted to add more ribbon so it took her a little longer. It's so cute! She had tons more ribbon than the rest of us. I was lucky to get off work early, thank goodness because I worked 3 hours of sleep...and went back today...LONG STORY! Anyway, so I cruised on over to Hobby Lobby and bought me some more ribbon. Here's the BEFORE... And the AFTER...
What a difference, huh? I love it even more now!!