Monday, July 25, 2011

What??? What???

Something is wrong with the universe. Thanks to my sweet cousin Brooke, shown below with her adorable little Rhyder, who must have more patience than I could ever imagine...

This person-whom I never thought would land on Facebook- now has a Facebook account...

This would be my mother in law, Sandra. She cracks me up! I'm actually really excited for her! Now she will be more in the loop and can keep up with her niece and her children who live in Guatamala. I just love my MIL and wish everyone had a MIL like mine! Has always welcomed me with open arms from the first day I met her and is always the life of the party. A woman who can tell the BEST stories EVER!!! Watch out world, SANDRA has entered the Facebook world!!!!! :-) Let the Facebook party begin!

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