Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Car...SUV!

Someone in this household might have gotten a new SUV recently. I won't say names, but it's a "she" and her initials are LPA. Okay, it's MEEEEE!!! I'm in LOOOVE! Didn't know that was possible with a car. I know, I hear all of you now. Laura, didn't you just get a new car recently? A Honda or something? Yes, I did. But within two years it already has 70,000 miles on it and plus the Airhart men in my life have never been that thrilled with me back in a car. When I test drove this SUV and stopped by the barn where my FIL was, he begged me to buy this and to get out of my Honda for safety reasons. They don't care that these SUVs drink gas and you can practically see the gas gauge moving down as you drive. They care about my safety! Then my aunt throws out, "It will hold twins great!" Anyway, I had a friend at work telling me how GMC was having great deals right now due to many people not being able to qualify for new vehicles and more people are buying used. So if you do manage to qualify for a new, you can get a great deal. Thankfully, I have amazing parents who instilled in me the importance of sustaining good credit that I qualified for 0% interest. Anyway, so this is my new ride...a GMC Yukon. They are basically like a Tahoe other than they cost a little more and are supposed to retain their resale value better. :) This car has all the bells and whistles I could ever want. It feels like a luxury vehicle to me. It has On Star and XM radio. The thing I love the most is that my iPhone is hooked up through the SUV so when anyone calls, the radio goes off and I hear a ringing sound with a little voice telling me I have an incoming call. I'm sure a lot of your vehicles do that, but this is the first for me. So cool!! I can even get a number for the actual vehicle if I were to ever be where my cell phone couldn't get reception, through On Star my vehicle phone still would receive reception. How cool is that? But no, I didn't pay the $4 extra a month for that because it's not realistic that I'll be in the mountains anytime soon. I had to shake hands with my husband and promise that I will actually pay off this vehicle. :-/ I promised him I would! There's no reason I would ever want to trade it in. It has absolutely everything I'd ever want or need.


  1. sounds incredible!! KH

  2. I love your SUV! Its white color makes it look immaculate! I hope I can buy an awesome car like that too. And one with great features as well! But it’ll probably a blue one. :)

    -Erwin Calverley