Sunday, July 17, 2011


(My Aunt Becky, My Mother in Law, and My Mom)

Better late than never, right?? Okay, so I just have to say that having a July 4th Birthday is the absolute best!!! I get fireworks for my Birthday, everyone is already in a happy-celebrating mood, it falls in the summertime so I never had to go to school on my Birthday, every 6 months I get presents...although now that I am older I honestly don't care about that anymore and don't get me started about the ridiculousness Christmas gifts has become. Anyway, back to my birthday...I just LOVE being a little firecracker baby! :-)

This year, my parents came up again the day before my birthday and we celebrated with my in laws. It's really just a great reason for my parents to come up and get to see everyone and to enjoy some delicious cake. They all bring me gifts, even though I really wish they wouldn't. All of us getting together is enough for me! Although, yes, I do expect a gift from the hubs and this year he came through again for me...with assistance from Lydia, although it was completely all his idea. Good Job, Morgan!! Once again you confirm that you are the BEST husband! I was still tired from our travels back home from Destin and not getting home until 0230, but I was glad to see everyone and spend time with them.

The next day was my birthday and since my man HATES spending time in a dark movie theater during the day and protests because he believes that this time could be better spent doing other things-and yes he probably has a point-I made him go to the movies with me because it was MY birthday. :) We went and had lunch at Saltgrass and then went to see The Hangover. It was okay, not as good as the first in my opinion, although Morgan thought it was just as good. The night before we had bought fireworks. Living out here in the country we pass a couple fireworks stands to and from every where we go so it's nearly impossible to not stop and buy some. We invited Morgan's parents, Aunt, and Nannie to go with us to fire them off. We had fun! Next year I hope to celebrate my birthday with my parents ON.MY.ACTUAL.BIRTHDAY. and they can come up and participate in the fireworks with us and we will buy TONS more next year.

So anyway, you can see why being a firecracker baby is such a blessing! Couldn't imagine celebrating my birthday on any other day!!!

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