Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nannie's 85!!!

If you are judging from the picture above and the picture below, you would think that either Nannie is an alcoholic, or it was my goal to get this lovely lady intoxicated yesterday. Well I'm here to tell you that neither is true. ;) Yesterday was Nannie's 85 Birthday...woohoo!!! Her daughter and daughter in law both decided to leave her for her Birthday (a little guilt trip thrown in there, hehe!) and so I got the privilege to take her out to lunch...and dinner. She wanted to go to the Olive Garden for lunch, a lady after my own heart. Morgan isn't the biggest fan of Italian food and I love Italian food so this tends to be a little problem in our household. Anyway, we split the Peach Bellini. I mean, it's lunch time. Who drinks at lunch time??? Oh wait, we do! And oh what a delicious drink that was. Perfect for this summertime heat of 113-I'm putting 113 because that's what my SUV said out here yesterday. I had so much fun with her. This lady is game for anything and has a heart of gold. I really gained a precious grandmother when I married Morgan!!! On the way home I asked her what she was doing that night and she said that her and Aunt Toots (that's her sister, but we all call her Aunt Toots) wanted Robert (my father in law) to take them out to dinner, but he was too busy. In his defense, they are. I hardly ever see my husband. They are so busy bailing hay for their cattle and those in other parts of Texas that have it worse off than we do (imagine that being possible) and are buying hay from us. Oh, and someone might have accidentally caused a massive fire out here last night, that I'm sure the story will be hilarious a few years from now, but not at the moment. No, wasn't Robert or Morgan, but someone close to us. Accidents happen, and then sometimes BIG-HUGE accidents happen. :-/ Okay, back on track now...I said I would love to take them out to dinner to celebrate Nannie's Birthday. So they took me up on it and Robert sent me away with money in hand to pay for dinner. Now that's my kind of dinner. :-) I really enjoyed escorting these lovely ladies around and spending the evening with them. Aunt Toots is almost like my own grandmother, too! Love her!! It felt like I was out to dinner with my two grandmothers. :)

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