Wednesday, August 3, 2011


When I say this, I can say it with 100% assurance...I HAVE THE BEST CO-WORKERS EVER! Seriously, I do!!! I know I have bragged on here before about them, but it's true! I don't lie. It says a lot about a hospital when you have practically zero turn over on our unit. It's not only a great place to work, but a great place to deliver your baby...won't venture down that path today though. Such a FUN group of girls and everyone is always so supportive of everyone else. Great Team Work! If there's a death or someone is going through a hard time, everyone rallies around them. It really feels like a second family and oh how I feel so blessed to be part of this group of ladies!! Even when I have babies, I'm still going to work. (well, I'll be honest...for financial reasons), but I would never want to give up this support system and all of the good times that comes with it. Not that I'm choosing them over my children, but I honestly believe I need adult interaction a few times a week to keep me sane...nothing against stay at home moms. I think that's great too, just not for me.

Okay, enough gushing. Recently we changed our discharge process where we aren't doing everything on the DAY of discharge, therefor decreasing parents anxiety and the overwhelming feeling this can be going home...with a new baby...that you are now responsible for FOREVER. They can also just walk out on their own, not be escorted by us. WOW! Best change ever! Saves us time from having to wheel them down, plus the patients love it because when they are ready they can just go. They don't have to wait on us to wheel them down. More Freedom!! And trust me, they all want to go AT.THE.SAME.TIME. Plus, we are going to be having a discharge brunch for them to go to before they go home where they can meet other moms, know they aren't alone, have any last minute questions answered, etc. It's a great change.

Well yesterday they were making a video of our discharge process before and after this change. This is a picture of some of the nurses in the video...

like Christine said (she's the mom in the bed) she should be having a hysterectomy, not a baby. Then Jackie is on the couch being the baby daddy. Then there's gorgeous Savita as the post partum nurse. We laughed so much!!! So basically we are promoting older women to have babies, interracial marriages, and lesbian relationships. Honestly, I don't judge any of what I just said because we take care of all of that. To each their own. This picture just makes me laugh! Have a good day everyone!!!

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