Thursday, September 22, 2011

Craft Craze Day ~ September!

This time we did a ribbon wreath. Turned out really cute, but must say I will most likely only make and own ONE of these wreaths. Talk about a whippin'!!! There was a lot of prep work involved. Savita gave us all of our ribbon, I think close to 10 rolls and we had to cut them all into 4 1/2 inch strips and then glue the ends together. Thankfully at work on Sunday when Savita gave me my ribbon we were slow. We had a really good-calm afternoon. So my friend Deb helped me cut all of this ribbon into strips. (Our craft group was on Tuesday of this week.) Then Monday night my sweet sweet SWEET husband helped me glue all of the ribbon together. I swear I've never met another man as sweet as my husband. He'd do anything in the WORLD for me. I honestly, truthfully, do not deserve this man. But thank God he's mine!!! (okay, should have given a "Cheese Warning.") As we were gluing, he informed me that he must REALLY love me if he was helping me do this. He had the unfortunate task of folding over the ends and burning his fingertips off. I told him several times that he didn't have to help me, but he insisted saying, "Sweetie, you'll never get through tonight if I don't help you!!!" When we were done I texted my friend Lydia telling her that I never ever in a million years want to do a craft project that involved this much hot glue!!!! Not long after that my phone rang with her expressing the same thing. It was awful. I told her that this was definitely not a "couple's building" activity. While Morgan and I were doing all of the gluing, some curse words might have been involved as well as my man telling me several times to calm down because I was getting frustrated! :-/ But we did finish by 1030 that night, thank goodness.

The next morning was craft day. YAY!!! We met at 0930 because we knew we'd need a lot of time for this project. Nina had just returned from Italy and brought us all back one of these olive oil corks that you see above. Thought that was really sweet. We were all so excited to have something from Italy!!!

We had yummy food. In the bottom right you will see a delicious dip that involves pumpkin and graham crackers. Which reminds me, must get recipe from Stephanie!

After breakfast it was time for crafting and silliness. :-)

Some of Charlie's Angels joined our group that day for some crafting! ;)

Lots of ribbon. Lots and Lots and Lots of Ribbon. This solid black we used to wrap around our wreath first.

More colorful ribbon!

Lydia organizing all her ribbon into separate piles to make it easier to know how many you have of what ribbon. I, fortunately, had done this the night before when Morgan and I were gluing them together. I put them in sandwich bags as we went. The other girls did not. :(

This picture makes me laugh. Wine and a glue gun probably don't mix. Might have had a little less burned fingertips if we kept it sober. But then how fun would that be??? (Disclaimer: No people, we did not get drunk!!!!! We were all completely sober by the time we left at 3PM.)

Pretty picture of Savita!

I'm sure Nina was laughing at Lydia...see picture below!

Lydia burning her fingertips off!!!

Ummmm, yeah! No clue!

I would love to say this was our finished product, but no one was able to finish in 5 hours. It's very time consuming gluing all of those ribbons on the wreaths. But it is VERY cute once it's done!!!!

Our attempt at a group picture. Not sure how many we took to get this one picture of all of us. There was a really cute one, but unfortunately Nina was cut out of it. So this was the best!

When I got home that night I finished mine. YAY!!!


  1. WOW!! Now, that's a wreath!! Can't wait to see it. I love all the pictures of you and your friends too. I can see why you would not be interested in making more of those wreaths. Mom

  2. That is so cute! It looks like ya'll have a wonderful time. I can see why it took forever, but I'm imagining doing one, smaller, but in different shades of green, with a few reds, and a big bow to look like holly for Christmas.